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November 1937

Dear Little Friend:

Well, well -- how are you this year? I'm

feeling just fine because I've heard

some wonderful news. And here it is:

Sears have promised to help me with my

Christmas letters again this year. So you

can write to me right here at Christmas

Headquarters (that's Sears. of course).

Soon as your letter reaches me, I'll send

you my own special Christmas Greeting Card

which I made up for my very best friends.

But first here's what you want to do:

Just get down the big Sears-Roebuck Catalog

and look it over page by page. Look

through this Christmas book too . And every

time you see something you really want f,or

Christmas, take your pencil and draw a line

slap-dab around it.


write down the things you want the

very most on the blank lines on the other

side of this sheet. Tear it off on the

dotted line and give it to daddy or mother

to send to me.

And -- next time mother or daddy sends

an order to


you just put the slip

with your name and address right in the

same envelope-=and then I'lfbesureto

send you your Christmas card right away.