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New Low Christmas Price

Was $29.95 in Spring Catalog

Silvertone Deluxe Electric

Most stores reduce their prices after Christ•




mas-but we are cutting the price of this


powerful Silvertone radio right now. Present

it to the whole family- it's a gift they'll


never forget. Easily the equal in value of


3 D


radios selling for $40 in most stores.


Beautiful Cabinet of selected sliced and stump walnut veneers

with a contrasting maple inlay ... all hand rubbed to a mirror-lil<e

finish. A big radio that anyone would be proud to own.

8-Tube Superheterodyne including power rectifier and signal

tuning eye tubes. Ample power for superior reception. Long dis–

tance foreign reception on short wave bands. 3 complete tuning

bands-American stations, 540 to 1660 KC.; Foreign and Short

Wave, 6 to 18 MC.; Super-Spread Band from 9.4 to 9.85 MC. for

easier tuning of Foreign stations; plus a special range for police calls.

Unusually mellow lone quality from a large electro-dynamic

speaker, mounted high in the cabinet for balanced appearance.

A 3-point tone control varies the tone to suit your taste. Auto–

matic volume control holds stations steady.

P.ush-BuHon Tuning for any six stations. Buttons are easily

set up for your favorite stations. All call letter tabs are furnished.

Electric tuning eye aids in accurate tuning and setting.

Bulll-ln Loop Aerial system provides excellent reception in

metropolitan areas near·powerful broadcasting stations. Wherever

reception is not satisfactory from built-in aerial, or for long dis–

tance tuning, an outside aerial should be added.

Listed by Underwriters to operate on 100 to 125-volt, 50 to 60-

cycle A.C. only. State if wanted for 25-cycle. R.C.A. licensed,

R.M.A. approved. Size, 12J,ixl6J,ix10 in. Mailable.

57 N 06325-Shipping weight, 21 pounds . • - ••• • - • ••••••• Cash $27.95

Easy Payment Price ($3 down, $4 a month).: .•• , • _ 30.35

57 N 4702 -Standard Aerial Kit. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs •• , - • .•••.••••• 49c


for the Whole Family ,/



Battery Radio

You may not be able to have electric lights on

your Christmas Tree, hut you can brighten up

your home on December 25th with this tine Silver–

tone battery operated radio. You'll have thrilling

performance, sparkling clear tone,-and best of all

you'll have a radio that is amazingly economical

to operate.


Less Batteries



800 Hours of Life from the single A-B dry battery can easily be ex–

pected at about 4 hours a day of use, and you should get even more


you use the special


'Current Saver" switch often. This new

switch, located above the dial, enables you to save the battery

whenever you don't need full volume. Rear view of the radio above,

shows how a battery tits neatly inside.

Stylish Cabinet is expertly constructed in the new waterfall front

design of genuine sliced Walnut veneers with darker contrasting

moldings for smart harmony. Gleaming satin finish and a polished

brass-rimmed dial. Size of cabinet is 10!4xl


inches deep.


a modern 1


superheterodyne circuit with two

dual purpose type tubes for extra performance. Tunes all American

stations and some Police Calls from 540 to 1700 KC.

Variable Tone Control regulates the pitch of the 5-inch permanent

magnet type dynamic speaker. Automatic Volume Control helps to

eliminate fading of stations. Can instantly be converted to electric

operation with addition of a Powr-Shiftr. See our big General cata–

log for details. ·For Easy Terms,


Page A, Center of Book.

For Most Economy, Order Radio with dry A-B Battery

57 N02651-Radio with dry 800-hour A-B Power Paek Battery. Shipping



pounds. Mailable••••••••••••••••.•••$19.94

57 NM 2751-Radio with storage "A" and two Pry "8


batteries, and cable.

Shipping weight, 51 lbs. Not Mailable •.••••••••••$21.55

57 N 02551-Radio, less batteries. Shpg. wt., 16 lbs ........... ·15.65

57 N 4702 -Standard Aeriol Kit. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs...............49c

6-Tube* Electric! Push Button Tuning!


6 Tubes• Include One Power Rectlfter Tube.



looks like a big radio, sounds like a big radio, but it costs


hardly more than a small plastic set. An impressive gift that

looks like far more than this price. The cabinet is made of



genuine sliced Walnut veneers, size,



Push-Button Tuning for any four favorite radio stations

All Ameri'i"n call letter tabs are furnished. There is also one button to switch

back to manual dial tuning. Tunes American .stations from 540 to 1700 KC.

. No Aerial Needed in large cities near broadcasting centers, for there is a built–

m loop


for ordinary



locations where loop aerial reception is

not satisfactory an outside aerial should be added to the terminals provided.

Superheterodyne Circuit that assures tine performance, and a big 5-inch dy–

namic speaker for excellent tone quality. Automatic volume control.

Operates from 100 to 125-volt, 50 or 60-cycle A.C. or D.C. State if wanted

for 25-cycle. Listed by Underwriters Laboratories-RCA Licensed and RMA


57tl01661-Shipping weight, 13 pounds. Mailable ... ... .............Cash $14.95

Easy Payment Price ($2 down and $2 a month) •.•••••• , , ...... 16.20

57 N 4702 -Standard Aerial Kit. Shipping weight, 2·lbs •••••.•••••.•.•.•• ••••49c

Radios on this and opposite


ohipped from Kansas City and Minneapolis. 25-cycle

models shipped from Chicago only. Order and pay postage from Kansas City· or




101 ••••••• , •