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Kenmore-For Dependability and Service

• Ball bearings throughout for smoother operation; longer life.

• Sealed-in lubrication-oiling not


• Triple-action cleaning: 8eating-Sweeping..Sudion.



H.P. Ball bearing molar, rubber mounted.

• Motor driven center sweep brush sweeps dirt from both ends toward

center-gentle action on your rugs.


outstanding bargain in our big catalog when it sold for $34.95.

· Positive dial type adjustment-thick rugs to linoleum or bare

floors. Handy 3-position pistol-grip handle with convenient finger

tip control trigger switch. Ball bearing composition wheels. Con–

venient headlight shows up dirt under furniture.

Try these

cleaners for 10 days in your own home.


you're not com–

pletely satisfied, return both cleaners and we will refund every

cent you paid-including freight both ways. Cord and Plug. Un–

derwriters' Approved. For any 110-120-volt current.

20 N 0909-Kenmore Combination.

Shipping weight, 26 lbs. 8 oz .................. Cosh price








Easy Payment Price ($3 Down;

$3 Monthly)...........$31.55

Commander-Real Cleaning the Easy Way

•Powerful air-cooled


H.P. motor, rubber mounted.

• For rugs, upholstery, draperies, mattresses, linoleum,



• Powerful dirt-geHJng


with sanitary, dust bag.

•Attachments for every house cleaning need-e"en a paint sprayer.

Try this Commander cleanM for 10 days;

if you are not thor–

oughly satisfied, return the cleaner and bag to us and we will refund

every cent you paid, including shipping charges both ways. Months

of intense laboratory research made this one of the finest all-purpose

cleaners in America. Powerful suction draws dust, grit and dirt into

a sanitary dust bag. Removable air filters prevent the escape of any

dirt. The


H.P. motor has sealed ball bearings for extra power,

smooth operation and longer life. Sealed-in lubrication-you never

have to oil the motor. Mounted on rubber. Attachments: Im–

proved rug nozzle with swivel joint; swivel-type wall brush; 7-ft.

hose with swivel adapter and curved handle grip; drapery nozzle with

removable brush; Two, 20-inch extension tubes; fiber blower, exten–

sion tool. With cord and plug. Underwriters' Approved.Foranyll0-

120-volt current. Shpg. wt.. 26 lbs.

20 N 0907-Commander Combination. Cash......




Easy Payment Price ( $3 Down; $3 a Month)... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31.55