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Give her something to gay up

those dormitory doldrums - this

goofy giraffe, for instance, 2.50

("42-7). Or thot flippant frog, 35c

("42-70). Or those stalwart

donkeys over at the right. Eoch,

2.75 (


42-7b). All, pottery; all

from Decorative Accenories,

on the Ninth Floor

Or give her a lamp in the some

giddy plaid as those bedroom

things ocron the woy. Gian base

and plaid shade complete, 5.00

Order "42-8 by 'phone or find

it on the Ninth floor

away from


(OPPOSITE PAGE) The nearest thing to

heaven would be a whole bedroom - just

as wonderful if she's gone career-ing, os


she's off at school.

Mirror (stands or hangs),



Picture Frame, 2.95 ("7-2a)

Draperies (2 yds. long),



Bedspread (single or double),



Ton Pillows (Kapok-filled),



All, done up in red, blue or green plaid

with matching solid-color spun rayon and

cotton. All, from the Bedroom Shop,

on the Eighth Floor - or 'phone.



TAYLOR, Wisconsin 7-3300