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one of Pohlmonn's superb tobles - this

plosler blockomoor crouched under a

mirror top. Copy of o Victorion piece - it

con be colored to your order. 85.00

(:61-1). Decorator's Shop, Seventh floor



little ink stand - in popier

mOche ond mother of peorl. With two

tiny crystol bottles, this is 25.00

(~ 42-14)

From o collection, from 25.00, up.

Decorative Accessories, Ninth Floor

For Connoisseurs-

o borometer - like this old

English one in o beoutiful inloid

mohogony Sheroton cose.

This one is 65.00 (: 42-15). There

ore others, from 65.00, up.

Decorotive Accessories,

on the Ninth Floor