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"Traffic Cop" is


natural far absent•

minded motorists.


holds license, regis·

trotion, your cash and cards tao. Calf.

skin in wine, navy, brown, block or red.

2.25 'Phone

far =

17-17. Our exclusive.

Purse and

Pocket Proud

"Jiffy Purse" beots on express - in a wink, you slide

off change from one side, bills from the other. Red,

brown, green, block, blue leather. 1.50 'Phone for "17-18.

"Commuter's Special" is the thing,


you know a

regular on the 7:55. It's built to hold o commutation

ticket and note sheets, as well as cash. Red or block

morocco leather, or hazel pigskin. For tickets 3" x5",

and under, it's 2.95 (.: 17-19). For larger ones up to

3" x61/.i", 3.95

(~ 17-20).

Exclusive. All, from Stationery

and Leather Goods, Street Floor - or 'phone.



TAYLOR, Wisconsin 7-3300