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For photos - "Permo Pull-o-matic".

The tab turns the pages for you. No

need to paste (prints go in acetate

envelopes). Standard, in red, block,

blue or green simulated leather,



prints ond negatives, 2.00

{~ 17-26).

De lu)(e, for 100 prints

and negatives, in simulated golden

rawhide, 4.50 (: 17.26a). Both hold

prints up to 3Y2"x5%".

Consult the


For remembrance - "Victorian Rose"- tender

token from a sentimental era. little book-

mark·and paper cutter combined, delicately

mode of sterling silver. One side is a futl–

blown rose, the other o tittle girl in a sunbonnet.

Our exclusive - a nd charming. 2.00 (* 17-27)

For dates - a '42 engagement book with dated

pages and a 'phone index. Gold-tooled leather

in brown, green, ton, wine, blue, ivory or cop–

per. 3.50 'Phone for %17-28. Stationery and

leather Goods, on the Street Floor



TAYLOR, Wisconsin 7-3300