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"Magic Pad"- off with the old mes·

soge, on with the new! Perpetual - just

press the button to erase old notes.

Black, red, green or blue enamel,


(= 17-29). Bronze finish, 1.50 (= 17-290)

"Remembrance log", for a permanent record of

Christmas cords and gifts received and sent; birthdays,

onnivenories, and addresses. Red or brown simulated

leather, 1.00 (= 17-30). Real suntoo cowhide, 3.00 (= 17-30a)

"Permo Portrait-Vue", to keep their large pictures within easy

reach. Acetate pockets for twelve pictures, room for more.

Simulated leather in brown, blue, wine or green. With 9" lt 11"

pockets, 2.50 ('" 17-31). With ll"x 14" pockets, 3.95 (t17-31o)

"Menu and Marketing List" for a conscientious housekeeper.

The pod's perforated; menu remains on one side, ofter the

market list's been detached. Washable fobrikoid cover in

ivory, blue, green or red. t.00 (=17-32). With 2 refills, 1.50

(~ i7-32a)

Stationery and leather Goads, on the Street Floor



TAYLOR, Wisconsin 7-3300