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cronberriu and put


on Gr-r-r-r-r's neck for the durotion,

... tip long-needled pine bronches with gilt, ond

wire gilded pine cones to them. They're lovely in voses,

heoped on the mantel piece, or tied with your favorite

color ond tocked on the front door.

. . . get striped stockings (see poge 134) ond fill them

with inconsequentiol homemode goodies - popcorn

bolls, opples, candy cones, gilded wolnuh - and pin

them over the mantel for casual friends who come to

wish you o merry Christmos.

. . . hove a greot bowl of heather sproys on the hall

console to pin on all and sundry. Or make yourself ear–

rings of mistletoe sprigs.

. . . deck the festive board with a baby tree gay with

candied apples; or sparkling with colorful packages; or

giddy with painted pretzels.

. . . concoct grape clusters of Chriitmos tree bolls ond

hong them over door-ways; fill clear gloss bowls or

gobleh with them; or tie them on your snood .

. . . ma"h a •ol;d phalan• al Ch,;.ima• <andl.. amu


the mantel and watch the flames dance in the mirror.

. . . use bright red apples as candle holden on the

Christmas table.