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And Oh!

those tantalizing smells

that linger around the house at Christmas time. They're as

important to the younger


as vitamins and manners. Imagine

going through life without the memory of spicy odors waft–

ing from the kitchen, of being part and parcel of the happy

bustle of getting ready. So


not make


an "all-out"

family Christmas? Let the male members enjoy being inveigled

into cracking nuts and sampling goodies. Children never

forget the fun of cutting out cookies, scraping the bowl and

licking the spoon. DON'T YOU REMEMBER -

PIE CRUST STICKS? - wonderful with hot chocolate on

Christmas Eve. Try that for a tradition, while you read the

"Night Before Christmas."

Or SPICE DROPS? - delectable bits for Christmas baskets.

Or PUMPKIN PIE?- the dork spicy kind that Granny

used to bake.

And instead of Eggnog from the dairy -


not try your

hand at good HOT BUTTERED RUM? It would be morvelous

always to serve


before Christmas dinner; or ofter you've

gone out to get the tree.