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ASK MR. FOSTER - our Travel Service can help you


every arrangement,

whether you're going home for

the holidays, or planning to give someone that "ticket

to Sun Valley" we suggested on page 50. Fifth Floor.

SEE THE TREES - a whole row of lull-boughed beau-

ties. Decorating ideas a-plenty for you to use for your

own tree. They're on the Seventh Floor.

TAKE TIME OUT - for quick refreshment while you're

shopping. You con rest your feet and revive your spirits

with delicious luncheon or afternoon tea in our charm-

ing Bird Cage. On the Filth Floor.


O r fortify the "inner man" with steaming Scotch broth

and jumbo apple pie and coffee at the Soup Bar.

,Take the Express Elevators to the Tenth Floor.

WRITE, IF YOU LIKE - with a letter, or with the Order

Blank in the back of this book, you can order every

single solitary thing in the book. Our Moil Shopping

Service will fill your order with care and dispatch.

FIND, AT OUR "ANSWER SHOP", the unbelievably

"right" gift for that difficult mole on your list.

We've marvelous gifts. for the gourmet who loves to do

his own cooking. A fascinating collection of antique

bottles a nd such, for the one whose bar is his pride.

Take the Express Elevators to the Men's Floor, Tenth.