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Gloves - that one ot the left is a

fine, shining example of the

perfect classic. Supple, long-

wearing pigskin in natural,

block, brown or white.

Sl,4-7% . 3.00 ( 5 12-3)

On the Street Floor




Wisconsin 7-3300

own with three initials, is something

pretty divine. It's Mory Ounhill's

new idea; choose Gardenia or White

Hyacinth, 2.75 Also Flowers of

Devonshire or the new Bewitching

odor, 3.00 And we'll slip on the

initials in o trice C' IS-29).

Toiletries, on the Street Floor

Stationery - always, but "Petolets"

ore so very different. Our new edi–

tion hos bittersweet on pale grey,

bayberry on blue, maple leaves on

ivory or hemlock sprigs on white. Our

own design, executed by Eaton.