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Soop- if it's boxes and boxes of our

wonderful Forest Pine. A box like this,

of three big bath cokes is 1.00 Why

not send him suds-for-a-year? (' 18-35)

Toiletries, on the Street Floor

Collar buttons! Whot man ever had

enough? Good tactics, we think, to buy

o dozen (25c each, gold-plated). put

them in the stud box on poge 38, and

stuff it in his stocking. The only time

he'll be on his knees in


wilt be

to thank you. (;27-19). The Men's Floor

How about a Stowaway 8ag?-emi–

nently practical carryall in canvas and

leath•H. It holds such bulk as his golf

shoes or ski equipment; tucks into its flat

envelope between times. 7 .95 h's

easily ordered by telephone. ( 1 17-8)

Leather Goods, on the Street floor



TAYLOR, Wisconsin 7-3300