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view the tree in o fetching

white dimity


with pink

or blue hand-smocking on

the yoke ond woist. For sizes

I, 2, 3. 3.95 'Phone for #32-2.

some pure Botony wool

robe: ln heoven blue or dusty

pink with o jocquord design.

Sizes I, 2, 3. 5.95 ('''32-1)

The very


ond get their fint Christmas-sled

ride in o one piece snow suit of

"Admiral Byrd Cloth", lined with

North Star virgin wool blanket doth.

With a Talon closing down front,

and 'cross bottom. Flurries of snow

flake embroidery a n powder blue,

dusty pink, grey or royal blue. Sizes

I, 2, 3. 13.95 with bonnet (#32-3)

Young People's Floor, the SiJCth



TAYLOR, Wisconsin 7-3300