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She wears a little maize, white ar

pink snow suit, rides on her

very own sled. And she's really

a darling 20" doll. Doll and



Order ' 4-9 by 'phone.

This one's a lovely soft "Squeezee" doll; she cries

when you touch either leg, as well as having the

usual voice in her tummy. 3.95 C' 4-10). Her pink

or blue wicker carriage is 3.95 {'4-11)

And the most fun of all for a little girl is o kitchen

all her own. She con miic: and make to her heart's

content; it hos all the utensils and gadgets she could

hanker for. 20Vs" high, 2.95 'Phone for #4.12.

Toy Department, on the Tenth Floor



TAYLOR, WIKonsin 7-3300