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"Guest of Honor" gift Cases

For the most hard-to-please housewives on your Christmas list.

For showers ... bridge prizes .. . birthday gifts. Beautifully–

embroidered designs. Firm,. long-wearing quality. Up-to-the min–

ute, pastel-colored hems, in colors to match or go with any color

scheme. Each pair boxed. White muslin with washable, colored

hems. Size about 20 inches by 32 inches.


blue, green,

peach, rose.

State color, dssiyn. Patterns similar to illustration.


"Mr." and "Mrs."

A design that's always well liked.


"His" and





and practical decoration.


Basket pattern.

The feminine kind of design women love.

125 P 8021-Pcir in box. Shipping weight, 1 pound 2 ounces .•.•. , $1.00

For a woman's Christmas gift

-choose a pair of these

good-looking pillow cases.

Sturdy, long-wearing quality





Floral or Madeira-type embroidered Pillow Cases

Colored embroidery .•. novel edges

M~i~~~~;~~~~~; ;g;~o~o~!d ~~~:~~ereth~






Elaborate embroidery and some–

thing di!Terent in colored edges.


of Madeira. Fine quallty white muslin. Size. about 20x32 Inches. Wash–

able. Patterns similar to lllustratton. State choice, "A" or "B."

Fine white cotton muslin. Colored-and-white

embroidery. Scalloped, colored edge. Size,

about 20x35 inches.

Color of edoes:

blue, green,

peach, rose.

State color.

Assorted designs

simllar to illustration. Washable. Comes

boxed. Shipping weight, 1 pound 4 ounces.

(A) Blue-white embroidered floral pattern, trimmed with colored lace

insert, finished with colored, scalloped-efTect hem on white.


of Item:

blue, green, peach or rose.

State color.

(B) Blue-white, madelra-type embroidery on all white.

125 P 8022-Shipping weight, l pound 2 ounces..... Pair in box $1.35

125 P 8023 .. , .......... Pair in box $1.55

3-piece Sheet-and-'Case Set




case set. Colored-border 'cases with a matching

colored-border sheet. Firm white cotton muslin.

White embroidery in assorted designs on cases

only. Hemstitched, colored hem on sheet and cases

matches. Hand washable. Sheet about 81x99 inches.

Cases about 2lx30 Inches.

State color of borders:

blue, green, orchid. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 12 oz.

125 P 8 113-3-piece set, boxed ........... $2.98

Guest Towels




ideal hostess. Em–

broidered "His" and

"Hers" design In

white on cotton sa–

teen towels. Border–

ed In deep tone of

same color. Boxed

as shown, with cello–

phane cover, 2 in ea.

box. Size, abt. 11


18 inches.


light blue with dark

blue; light green with

dark green; light

peach with dark

peach; rose with


State color.

Shipping wt., 8 oz.

125 P8188

Pair. ......... $1.00