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O Bargain .. 4-lb. box Chocolates

A tasty assortment of economically priced


chocolates that make excellent gifts. The

assortment includes vanilla creams, pepper-

mints, maple creams, fudge, orange creams, nougats,

butterscotch, vanilla jelly nougats, strawberry jelly

nougats and special wreath-topped vanilla creams

. . . 14 varieties in all. Coated with smooth, light and

dark chocolate. So delicious no one would ever think

they cost so little. Have plenty on hand to serve to

Holiday guests. Fine for "last-minute" gifts.

8 P 7800-Shipping weight,


pounds •••••• 4 pounds 96c


5-lbs. Dainty Miniatures

Tempting tid-bits that

$I . 49

are a delight to give as

Christmas gifts. They're

sure to please everyone who receives

them ... from the woman who likes

dainty sweets to the man who craves

delicious flavor and appetizing variety.

There are about 70 tiny pieces to the

pound-over 3 times as many as in a

regular-size assortment. Each piece


covered with thick, rich milk chocolate.

The assortment includes orange creams,

raspberry creams, vanilla creams,

honey nougats, maple cocoanut creams,

caramels, nut toffee, apricot marma–

lade, lemon jellies and peppermint

creams. Order some today for economy

and downright


eating. Shipping

weights, 6 pounds; 2 pounds 12 ounces;

1 pound 8 ounces.

8 P 7879••.••••••••


pound box $1.49

8 P 7878•••••••••••• 2 pound box •• 61c

8 P7877•••••••••••• 1 pound box •• 31c

Add plenty of these chocolates to your

Easy Payment Order-see page 68


Especially suitable for



in the




Page 169

0 5-lb. Chocolate assortment

An enticing assortment of "kitchen-

$I. 98

pure" chocolates. These tasty can-

dies come in a wide variety of

flavors to please every taste, from luscious maple

walnut creams, chocolate fudge, raisin clusters,

buttercups, lemon and orange creams, to molasses

taffy, cocoanut crisps, butterscotch, chewy nou–

gats and caramels. Hand-dipped in good quality,

delicious, sweet chocolate. There are 18 different



decorated Holiday gift box.

8 P 7802-Shipping weight,


lbs •••• 5 pounds $1.98