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Soft and Cuddly-Most life-like of all

Wetting Doll with tilting plastic head

• Drinks from her bottle and weh her diaper




just like a real baby

•She hos inside jointed arms and legs-it's the

better, stronger way

·11 ·inch

• Big, lustrous gloss·like sleeping eyes. Long lashes

She's a cuddly flesh tinted rubber 11-inch baby that you

can bathe ... then, when she's sweet and clean, dry her

gently and with as mµch care as your mommy dries

you, powder her with fragrant talcum and she's ready

to get dressed to go "bye-bye." Or, if time for her nap,

you can dress her in her warm, little shirt and clean

diaper and put her to bed. Her thick lashes shadow her

big glass-like eyes as they close sleepily ... See her tiny

turned-up nose, her rosy parted lips, her molded com–

position bab!f ringlets.

Her head, which turns and tilts from side to side,


made entirely of plastic. Of course, you'll want to treat

her gently and kindly so tbat she'll be with you for

many years. but she's a dolly that won't get hurt very

easily. She'll be as good as new for a long time. She

comes out.fitted with a cotton shirt, diaper, and a real

glass bottle with nipple.

49 P 2950-Shipping weight, 1 pound 8 ounces...... $3.16

One piece washable molded Latex Body

• So life-like that she thrills even the grown-ups


3 9


who see and touch her

• Water does not enter her body when you

bathe her .•. Plump arms and legs


•Unbreakable plastic composition head; sleeping eyes

Her life-like skin actually grows warm and responsive to

your touch. Her little fingers and toes, so well made and

each separated from the other, are flexible, soft rubber ...

she can even clasp her chubby little bands! Her flesh

tinted body is s11pple, the skin wrinkles like a real

baby's. Her lovely baby bead is satin-smooth. her mold–

ed hair forms in little ringlets that look just right. Her

cheeks are rosy and dimpled. Her glass-like eyes are

big and lustrous framed by long luxurious lashes-–

they seem to flirt with you when she tilts her head.

She wears a knit cotton vest and knitted cotton pant–

ies with elastic waist band. Dainty, be-ribboned

dimity dress, matching lacy bonnet, lace trimmed lawn

slip, white socks and shoes included.

13-inch size

15-inch size

20-inch size

Wt., 1 lb. 14 oz.

Wt., 2 lbs. 8 oz.

Wt., 3 lbs. 8 oz.

49P2804 •.. $3.98 49P2805... $4.98 49P2806... $7.59


38 •



These dolls were manufactured for Sears before the rubber