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Baby Sunshine and 'Oorable



exceptional values made exclusively

for Seers to sell at this low price! Note

the special floe details such as realistic


.. .

long lashes

.. •


composition heads, arms and legs,

fine quality clothes


more expensive

trimmings ... full cut dresses.

Our big thriller Doll values

22-inch sleeping eye Baby Sunshine

17-inch rolling glass-like eye Baby

•She's a big 22-inch "Baby Sunshine" with saucy


natural looking eyes and real lashes

You'd never guess that she costs you only $2.29


cause she's mode like a more expensive doll

Hard-to-break composition head, arms and legs

... Solt, cotton fllled body

Moulded hair


crying baby voice

Dressed in pink organdy, lace-trimmed baby clothes

Here's a big armful of happiness for any little girl . ..

lift her and hug her soft body close to you ... her rosy

lips smile at you ... Undress her and put her to bed and

her eyes close in baby slumber. What fun you'll have

dressing "Baby Sunshin<!" in her pretty clothes. Her

pink organdy dreBB has a big, full skirt trimmed with

two rows of fine white lace. The bodice of her dress is

also trimmed with lace and a cute little bow of rayon

ribbon to match the ribbon ties of her pink organdy

poke bonnet. She wears a dainty white slip and pink

knitted ,. Snuggies" to keep her warm as toast, white

rayon socks and white tied imitation leather shoes. Her

plump little arms and legs are skillfully molded ... see

the little rolls of fat around her wrists and the dimples

in her hands. You'll love Baby Sunshine!

49 P 3138-Shipping weight, 3 pounds


ounces•.• . •$2.29

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long-lashed, rolling glass-like eyes

. . .


composition head

Inside tied composition arms and legs

. . •


cotton-filled body


she's so huggable

Little girls agree that baby dolls are the sweetest, most

cuddlesome dolls and every little girl would love to have

one for Christmas ... and especially when Baby is as

precious as 'Dorable Baby, what little mother can re–

sist? 'Dorable Baby has lots of infant appeal. Her

molded hair looks like real ringlets and her tiny rosebud



dimpled chin complete the picture. of sweet

babyhood . .. She'll cry like a real baby when you un–

dress her and put her to bed and her big lustrous rolling

eyes close sleepily. She's dreBBed in fine quality pink

organdy dress, full skirted and trimmed with lace

around the bottom of the skirt, big-collar and sleeves.

She wears a matching organdy bonnet with a stiffly

starched ruching insert and.tied with rayon ribbons. A

white slip, pink knitted "Snuggies," white socks and

white imitation leather shoes complete her "Sunday–

go-to-meeting" outfit.

49 P 3155-Shipping weight, 1 pound 12 ounces••••• $2.29