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17-inch "Chubby" Baby

Horsman super quality

Full composition body

•Turning, tilting




Glass-like eyes; lashes

•Open mouth; teeth; tongue

Rosy, finely sprayed cheeks ... wee

rosebud mouth with two.tiny teeth

and pert tongue showing ... Mo–

hair wig of curly ringlets with bangs

... Dainty fingers are distinctly sep–

arate from each other. She's beau–

tifully dressed in flock-dot organdy


matching Hundiee"

and a pink

spun rayon coat trimmed with knit

yarn around the Peter Pan collar.

Matchingbonnet, buckram stiffened

poke. White socks and shoes.

49 P3130-Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz.$3.29


15-inch "Glamour Girl"


mohair curls

Full composition body

2 29·


eyes; lashes

$ •

Tilting, turning head

•Smartly, stylishly


(A) She's glamorous. Her curly hair

(mohair) is dressed in a fashionable

hob and her sparkling eyes lend just

the right touch to her smiling face.

Miss Marie is dressed in crisp flow–

ered organdy, cute "undies," socks

and white shoes. Natural colored

straw hat.

49 P 3350-Shpg.


2 lbs•••• $2.29


19-inch Smiling



s·miling mouth


two pearly

teeth and tongue

lustrous gloss-like sleeping eyes

with real lashes


Full composition turning head


crying voice

''Baby l\tiarie''-her sweet smile


win your

heart. Her cheeks sprayed to a rosy hue, lips

parted to show her little white teeth and the

saucy tip of her red tongue. Her lifelike eyes

seem to follow you around the room and flirt

with you. Her soft, cotton-filled body makes

her just right for hugging and her chubby

hands are shaped to show each separate fin–

ger. Her dress of fine organdy is trimmed

with lace and tucks ... and real buttons and

button holes ... cute puffed sleeves. Her

matching pink organdy bonnet is trimmed

with lace and net ... a full gathered ruching

insert poke fits snugly over molded ringlets.

She also wears a fine lawn slip, lace trimmed,

pink panties and white rayon socks with

white imitation leather tied shoes.

Smiling B1>by isa real beauty at a sensation–

ally low price ... and remember, she is avail–

able only at Sears by mail.

49 P 3156-Shpg.


2 lbs. 8 oz........ $3.19