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Chubby and Loveable Sally Ann Doll

Solly Ann Is sure to thrill some little mother


on Christmas morning! She's so chubby and

sweet any little girl would love herl She's

almost llfeslze too - 20 inches toll -and

she can sit and stand alone. All dressed up In a dainty

Blue Organdy dress, she hos a large ruffled bonnet trimmed

In Pink that matches the edging and collar on her dress.



a II composition and practically unbreakable. Her



turn Jn any direction. Her arms and legs are

moveable and lier eyes close when you lay her down. Her

long curly eyelashes ore reaJ. Her open mouth shows her

pearly teeth1 she has realistic looking pointed hair. Her

outfit Includes an underslip, panties, socks and White

shoes with real buckles. Shipping weight 3 pounds 1 ounce.

45F5J 8584.

20 Inches toll ..•• , .•.••.•.•.••••••


Mary Ann Has a Smart Winter Outfit

• Genuine Horsmon doll Is 18 Inches toll

Very few dolls hove such on elegant coot,

hot and matching muff in the very height of

fashion! They're of bright Red Chlnchlllo-


like fabric, beautifully trimmed In soft White Moribou.

Mory Ann's little dress is of Bh,,1e and White polka dot

organdy with matching ponries, making a patriotic en–

semble. She's


inches )all; of the finest composition,

practically unbreakable. She sits and stands alone. Her

head will tum In any direction and her long lashed eyes

open and close. Her real looking haIr Is done up In bongs

and ringlets; her open mouth shows pearly teeth. Her

legs and arms ore moveable. Her outnt Includes White

socks and shoes. Shipping weight 2 pounds



45F5J 8591.

18 inches toll ..•.•.••.••.•..•.••.


Baby Doll Cries "Momma" "Poppa"

• Famous IDEAL Baby doll


18 Inches toll

A little girl's dream come true. This famous

Ideal dolly will coll "Momma"


you put

her on her bod ond


Poppo" when she bends


forward. She sits alone too. All dressed up In o ruffled

White Organdy dress and matching Pink trimmed bonnet.

Her outfit Includes a Pini; slip and panties, White shoes

and socks. She hos a soft ttuffed body, composition heod,

arms and legs that ore practically unbreakable. Her eyes

open and close and hove long, real eyelashes! She hos a

life-like baby lace and pearly teeth. Shipping wt. 4 pounds.

531F5J 8507.

18 Inches toll•••..•.•..•••.••...



531 F5J 8508.

Shipping weight




She Wears a Warm Winter Coat

Stylishly Dressed Baby Doll

Pretty Little "Baby Precious"

• Beautifully mode genuine Hors·

Baby Do II hos o crying voice!


She sits alone and Is all dressed

up in


Pink flannel coot and hot,

• She's 18 inches toll ond she


sits olone1 hos crying voice

man Baby doll, 19 Inches toll

She's so real looking with her long

eyelashes and hoir done up In


Lowest Cash Prices

lavishly trimmed in White Morlboul

She wears a pretty gingham dress ond panties

under her coot, White socks and shoes. Her

large eyes open ond close. She hos a soft

stuffed body, composition arms, legs end heod.

45F5J 8512.

17 Inches to II. Shipping weight 2

pounds 3 ounces ..••....••••...•...•


45F5J 8513.

Better quolity-19 inches toll.

Shipping weight 4 pounds


ounces •••..


A little baby In Blue that's sure to

hove o worm welcome on Christmas

morning! Her Blue Organdy dress ond rufned

bonnet to match ore trimmed in Pink! Her eyes

open and close and she hos thick real eye–

lashes, pointed hair and pearly teeth. Her com–

position head, arms and legs ore practically un–

breakable. She hos under panties, White shoes

and matching socks. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 1 oz.

45F;>J 8580.

18 Inches toll ••• •. • . ••.•


bongs ond curls! "Baby Precious" is attractively

dressed In o White pinafore over a light Blue

Organdy dress, trimmed in Yellow. Her Blue

bonnet matches perfectly. She sits alone and

cries "Moma." Her head, arms and legs ore

of the nnest composition, she's practically Un·

breakable. Shipping weight 2 pounds 11 ounces.

45F5J 8592.

19 Inches toll .•.• , ••.•••


With Every Spiegel Price

Under Celling