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Anyone can enjoy small farm independence

These fascinating books tell how

five Acres and Independence ... the detailed

$2 .29

1)ractical guide to make a small farm pay.

Security, comfort and even luxury may be yours by wisely

operating a small farm. Shows you how to operate at a

profit with no previous farming experience. Complete de–

tailed instructions for financing and operation. Tells you

what mistakes to avoid. Gives you valuable information on

fruit, vegetable crops, livestock, irrigation, soil improve–

ments, neglected orchards, poultry, bees, and all other

phases of farming, gardening and livestock care. \Vritten

for beginners; of value to experienced farmers, too. Com–

plete, comprehensive guide. 400 pages. Clothbound.

3 N 2052-Pastpaid ........................... .... $2.29

Soil Test Kits for gardening success

SO.test Kit•••for large gardens. End guesswork.


Makes 12 or 13 soil tests, each. for phosphorus.

potash, nitrogen, acidity. Carrying case. Easy 50-Test Kit

to usej instructions included.

71 PN 902-50-test Kit. Postpaid., ... , ........ Each $4.69

20·test Kit ••• for smaller gardens. (Not shown).

71N900-20-test Kit. Postpaid.

. .... . .... Each $1.95





How to Raise Poultry ... a non-technical, step-


by-step pamphlet, with instructions on every

feature, and problems of backyard poultry raising. Use

.your backyard to produce your own fresh eggs and chickens.

Tells you and shows you by means of over 100 clear..,,simple,

easily-understood illustrations.

Complete information

about materials, layout, construction of hen house equip–

ment; selection, care, feeding of chickens; successful, eco–

nomical, increased production of eggs. Practical informa–

tion about turkeys, ducks. geese and bantams, too. This

guide will help you raise poultry successfully. Size 9x12

inches. Pamphlet style with 96 pages.

3 N 2230-Postpaid.

. ...................... 89c

Seeds for your 1944 Victory Garden



P~~~~~s:v~a~~~: bnus~ni:;~~~c~~~:


8C .

~~~n~~r~~~~f ca


~~::~~. ca::~!~·m~~v~~.t c~~~~c~~~

20 pkts.

Bloomsdale spinach, peppers, peas, pumpkin, radish, pars–

ley, parsnips, Crookneck squash, tomalo and old-fashioned

flower garden mixture.

71N4665-20 packets, described above. Postpaid ... .98c