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The best of America's Current $2.50 to

$4.00 books





plus additional books as gilts.







HOUSANDS of Sears customers are now en–

joying the advantages of membership in Sears

Peoples Book Club.


you would like to receive


exclusive Club editions of America's best

books, read our special enrollment offer on the

following pages.

A new book each month

As a member you pay only $1.66 for books which

$2.50 to $4-.00 in the regular publishers' edi–

·tions. A new Club selection is released each month.

These are chosen by famous Gallup Poll methods

bring you only the best, the most enjoyable and

worthwhile of the current books. A special printing

is then made of the Club's edition, comparable in

quality to that of the original publisher's, but with a

distinctive and exclusive Club binding for members

only. You receive handsome library volumes that

will brmg new beauty to your book·

'Shelves and qincere admiration from

your friends.

books you decide to take, ·and you pay only $1.66

each. There are no fees or dues of any kind.

Extra gift books

Best of all, Club membership will bring you

valuable books without cost ($2.5'0 to $5.00 in

publishers' editions) as Club gifts to you. You

receive a gift book when you join the Club and

every fourth regular selection you purchase you

receive an additional gift book without charge.

New offer now starting

Take advantage of our current enrollment


descnbed on the following pages, and you



ceive your enrollment gift book and your first Club

selection immediately. You get

two fine books (total publishers'


tions list price, $7. 75) but you


Take only the books you want

•You need not take every monthly

!ldect ion of the Club. 'Accept as few

as four


a year and you still

rPtain full privileges of member·

ship. Each month you receive without

cost the Club's monthly magazine,

"The People's Choice," which tells

all about the next book so that you

will know whether or not you want it

to come to you. You pay only for the



for only one, or


l.66, plus 9c for

postage and handling.

Use the convenient enrollment

form shown on the .ne.'l:t page. You

need send no money" Our bill


be enclosed with the books. How–

ever, if you prefer to enclose pay–

ment, send only $1.66-the Club

will then pay


postage costs. Join

now, before the membership ,quota

is filled. Satisfaction is guaranteed

or your money back.



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