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Order Early.

Mail Early


This year more than ever

before it is important

that you do your Christ–

mas Shopping early.

As we all know too well this is


a usual Christmas by any means!

Nowhere-not in the stores, not on the railroads, not in the postoffices–

are there the usual number of people to handle the tremendous Christmas

peak. If we all wait to do our buying, as we have been accustomed to do

in other years, there will be many disappointed homes that Santa Claus

just won't be able to reach in time.

But we can all do our part to make it a joyous Christmas. We can all give

a helping hand by spreading our Christmas buying and Christmas mailing.

We know that Sears customers can be counted on now, as always, to

do their full share.

Won't you also urge your friends to help. Help the railroads, help the

postoffice, and help Santa, by buying as early as you possibly can–

tod71y isn't too soon; and mailing as promptly as you can-tomorrow

isn't a day too early.

Thanks, and a Merry pnd Victorious Christmas to you and yours.



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