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lasting, worthwhile enjoyment

This year

give magazine subscriptions

Popullrr magazine subscriptions give year-round pleasure ... bring new joy with

each issue! · Your choice of nearly 100 leading magazines ... on homemaking,

business, hobbies, fiction ... of special interest to father, mother, boys and

girls, as well as picture and general magazines to be enjoyed by the entire

family. With a specially selected group of publications for the farmer and


his family on page 106. And don't forget yourself. This handy Sears service

offers you the nation's finest up-to-the-minute reading at small cost.

How To

Order. Subscriptions,mailed anywhere


the United Statts and possessions. State catalog

number, title of magazine, name and address of

person to receive subscription, and number of

years subscription. Send order and remittance to

Sears. Due to shortages of help and Paper, allow

at least


weeks for delivery of first issue.

A Gift Subscription saves time and money, solves

wrapping and mailing problems. This season, we

have a special Christmas offer on many.magazines,

such as, two 1-yr, or three 1-yr. subscriptions for

a special price. See page 104 for specific offers.

Order Gift subscriptions early so that a lovely gift



your name arrives in the Christmas mail.

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For magazine

selections see pages

103, 104, 1_95 and 106