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Quaint Weather Forecaster

for a Merry Christmas,

Predicts the weather from eight to

twenty-four hours in advance

Know tomorrow's weather today. A


little Swiss cottage made of walnut with


a quaint green roof. Approximately 7

inches high, 4X° inches wide, 3X° inches deep. Inside

the house are a little boy and girl and an old witch.

When the weather is going to be fair, the little boy

and girl come out in front, but when bad weather is

on the way, the old witch comes out. Also, there is

an easy-to-read thermometer on the front. An un–

usual and practical gift that


appeal to both

grown-ups and children throughout the year. Ship–

ping weight, 1 pound.

35 N 9400..

.. , ......... .. . ... . .....



Colorful B.ird Cage String Holder. Designed

for Sears. An attractive wall decoration

as well as a practical gift. Holds a large

ball of string (not incl). Made of com–

position. Height about 8 in.

35N9428-Shpg. wt., 4lbs. 8oz. Ea.


Hanging Pot with Bracket. Gleaming white

wood bracket, bright red 4 Mo-in. pot.

filter bottom. Complete with gold-color

cord(no plant). Approx. 22 in. high.

35 N 9426-Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.. Ea.


Red Corner Whot-Not Shelf. Made of

wood. Three large shelves provide lots

of room for all of your collector's pieces,

figurines and what-nots. The warm red

color in which this shelf has been fin–

ished creates a colorful background to

Complement some of your prize pieces.

Approx. 22 inches high, 8 in. wide. (Cats

not included, sold on page 14.)

35 N 9425-Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. Ea.