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8-piece ova: shaped Lucite Set

She II love this enchanting set be-




adds so much charm to her


Exquisite, sparkling Jucite

sets off gay floral design on its pastel color backs

Set contains mirrored perfume tray, 13 !1:2-inch

hand mirror. magnifying mirror (9



brush, comb, cream jar, powder jar and nail file.

In lined gift case. Rose or blue

State shade

8 N 09734-Shipping weight, 8 pounds .. .'.$14.50

3-piece oval shaped Lucite Set

This exquisite gift has the practical


beauty that appeals to any woman s

taste. Each piece is made of clear

sparkling lucite, famous for beaut-y and service,

Brush and 12 %-inch hand mirror have plain

mirror backs Attractive mat@hing comb In

n1yon-lined gift box. Crystal color only..

8 N 9715-Shipping weight, 2 lbs. 6 oz .. . .$4.89

Colorful 3-piece Pyrolaid Dresser Sets


Will bring color and charm to a young lady"s

room .'12·il1>)111irror. Shpg. wt., ! lb. Soz.

8 N

9745- State color:

rose or blue ....



Attractive, yet inexpensive 3-piece set. 13


inch mirroL Shpg, wt., 1 lb. 12 oz.

8 N

9747-State color:

rose or blue.•. • ,.


11-piece mirror back Lucite Set

A gift of lasting beauty and distinc-


t i

on for the woman who s h.a rd to

please Its simple lines. sparkling


and plain

mirror backs will delight her

Contains lovely glass perfume tray, 12%-inch

hand mirror, brush, comb, two powder jars, two

cream jars, two picture frames and shoe horn

In rayon lined gift case. Crystal color.

8 N 09740-Shipping 'weight, l 0 lbs .. . , ...$19.25

6-piece Plastic Set with floral trim

So feminine and dainty with its back-


ground decorated with lovely floral

sprays Long, slender pieces con-

sisting of hand mirror about 13 inches long,

comb, brush, mirrored perfume tray and 2 pow–

der jars. A gift that will make her very happy

Rose or blue backs.

State color wanted

8 N 9714-Shipping weight, 4 lbs 8 oz .• , . $4.89

Dainty 3-piece Plastic Set

Floral design backs with pastel trim.

Has comb, brush and mirror. about

13 inches long, Shpg. wt., 2 lbs. 3 oz.

8 N

9710-State color:

blue or rose.

3-piece set



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