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Join Sears Peoples Book Club

Our Gift to You

as a new Club member

($3.95 Publisher's list price)

This fascinating big book of American

humor, which comes to you as an en–

rollment gift, without charge, is

packed with good hearty laughter for

the whole family! It brings you the

favorite comic strips and cartoons of

the past fifty years, by 195 of the

country's master cartoonists-carries

you all the way from Happy Hooligan

and Buster Brown to Barnaby and

Dagwood; from the memorable Gib–

son Girls to the creations of such

moderns as Peter Arno, Bill Steig,

Gluyas Williams, and James Thurber.

A witty, informative history of

cartoons and cartoonists by

Thomas Craven is included.

As a Club member, you


pay only


each for current $2.50 to $4.00 books

A special Club edition of one of America's

newly published books is offered to our mem–

bership every six weeks. This book may be

accepted or not, as you choose. You pay only

the low membership price of $1.66 for each

book actually accepted; and you need accept

only four books within a year to retain mem–

bership. As a member, you will receive the

Club's magazine,

The Peoples Choice,







larly, without extra charge. This tells all–

about each forthcoming book so that you

may know in advance whether or not you

wish to

. Peoples Book Club offer–

ings are specially printed and bound for our

members in colorful, harmonized bindings,

comparable in quality to the regular pub–

lishers' editions. Satisfaction is guaranteed

or your money back.



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