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Warm Beacon Robe


Here's a warm, roomy robe he'll slip into first

thing Christmas morning. It's made of heavy–

weight cotton blanket .cloth . .. softly napped

for cozy warmth. The smart all--0ver figured

pattern will catch his eye and the rayon cord

belt and matching trim add a luxury touch he'll

like. Wrap-around style with double shawl

collar. One pocket. Wash separately.


navy blue, ·maroon.


8, 10, 12,

14, 16, 18. Shipping weight, 2 lbs. 2 oz.

43 N

6086-State size and color .




f52 •




Plain colors in the popular slub effect

One of


most practical gifts you can give a boy

is this sturdy cotton poplin sports shirt. He'll find

it handy for scllool or sports wear because it's styled

the way he likes, with the two-way collar and in--0r–

out bottom. Sanforized-Shrunk, fabric can't shrink

over 1%. Two pockets. Washfast colors.


blue, tan, green.


6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16,

18. Shipping weight, 14 ounces.

43 N

2943-Stale size and color wanted

..... . .


1003 new wool matching Glove and Scarf Set

One of the most popular gift ideas of


the season. Handsome matched colors


and brushed heavyweight new wool yarns

assure good looks and warmth. Gloves firmly knit for

a snug fit. Scarf is about 11x42 in. Gift boxed.


camel tan. maize.

Glave sizes:

small (612),

medium (7), large (8). Shpg. wt., set, r3 oz.

43 N

6098-State sise and color wa11ted . . .