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12-piece Leather Traveling Case

Size: 13x6%x2-in. Here's ·a Christmas $599

gift he'll use all year long. Nubby

grained leather case. Matching fit–

tings-include: military brush, clothes brush, .1

covered celluloid cont,.iners, lotion bottle, tooth–

brush holder, large comb, shoe horn, mirror with

stand, emery and cuticle pusher. Zip fasteners or

double snap closing; sorry no choice. Shipping

weight, 2 pounds 4 ounces.

6 N 9004E-Black 6 N 9005E-8rown Each


Deluxe Leather Case with pullman· slippers

Size: 11x7x3-in. Watch his face beam


when he sees th:is Christmas gift. Sad- $

die stitched top grain smooth grained

leather, tuck-in closing. Matching fittings include:

military brush, clothes brush, 2 celluloid containers,

lotion bottle, covered toothbrush holder-all on re–

movable tray; large comb, easel backed mirror,

cuticle pusher, orange stick.


a pair of pull–

man slippers. Shipping weight, 3 lbs.

6 N 9006E-81ack 6 N 9007E-Saddle tan Each $8.99

Whether he's in the service or at home




include 20%

Federal Excise Tax

Men's 5-pc. Manicure Set

IA1 Brown





4%x2%-m. top, contams

cuticle scissors, file, tweezers,



,6 oz.


N 9010E............


7-pc. Klub Kit

Unfitted Shaving Kit

Unfitted leather Shaving Kit


Size: 7x3 Y,,x2-

Size: 10 !4x6x3-in. Big

Size: 8 Y,,x4!4x5-in. An unus-


in. Handy for

enough for all shav-

ual·value at

price! A ne-

home or travel.

ing and personal cessity for the man whotrav-

Compact leather

needs. Nice leather

els. Light and handy. Rough

kit with imitation

case, washable Jin-

grained leather. Specially

leather binding.· ing; strap and buckle

constructed frame keeps case

Fitted Clothes Brush

Fittings include

closing. Accordion

wide open when packing or

shaving crea·m,

type. takes less room;

unpacking. Ample space for




Y,,x2x2 ).2-in. Brown

tooth cleaner, large capacity. Trav-

shaving and personal needs.


grained leather.

razor, blades, el carrying loop. Ship-

Utility case has many uses.

Large 7x2-in. brush has top

tooth brush, ping \\'eight, 1 pound

Shipping weight, 10 ounces.

holding scissors, file, tooth-

comb, emery. 4 ounces.

6 N 9013E-Black

brush, •having cream, comb.

Shipping weight,

6 N 9025E-Black

6 N 9014E-8rown..... $1.79

Shpg. wt., 14 oz.

12 ounces.



Nw90n ..2.6·E·-· ... $

3 _66


N 9011 E..... ·-·-·-·-· $,;.2...;..9,;,..,;8__ 6_N_ 9_0_1_2_e._.;..;$;..;l.:..l;..;9_______