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Be practical-give Vitamins for Christmas

Greet your family and friends on Christmas with a gift that's practical and most wel–

come-Sears Approved Super-Kaps. They are priced right for your budget and packed

in a gay Christmas wrapper all ready for giving. In ·fact, you actually save money over

similar quantities purchased from our big general catalog. For a gift that everyone will

really appreciate, give Sears Approved Super-Kaps.

Type l-Vitamins only

One light-colored vitamin cai:-


sule taken each day supp_lies the



minimum daily require-

ments of Vitamins A,

B1, 400-doysuppfy

B, (G), C and D as established

by the Federal Food and Drug Administra–

tion. It also supplies Vitamin B•. Niacin, and

Pantothenic Acid. Although official dosages

for the last 3 vitamins have


yet been

established, they are known to be essential in

human nutrition. These new improved Sllper–

Kaps are pleasantly flavored, easy to take.

Shipping weight. 2 pounds.

8 N.



400 capsules (400-day supply).$6.00

Type 2-Vitamins with Minerals

Just two Super-Kaps capsules daily. . .


one light and one dark .- .. supply 8 vita-




minerals together with liver concen-

trate-an excellent supplement to the diet.

200-doy supply

The light-colored capsule containing all 8

vitamins is the same as the one listed at the left. The

dark-colored capsule supplies the official minimum re–

quirements of Iron and Iodine plus 6 other minerals–

including potassiurri, magnesium, copper, cobalt..zinc and

manganese. Each dark colored capsule also supplies liver

concentrate. So help guard your family and friends

against vitamin deficiencies the economical way with

Sears Approved Super-Kaps. Shipping weight, 2 lbs.

8 N 9901 . . ... . ...... 400


(200-day supply).$5.00





All Sears Approved Vitamins available on Easy 1erm1.


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