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"Sparkling" Cards for



Big-value Cards for


• Snow effects that glitter add reality to these

A big-value assortment at Sears low price.

charming old-fashioned Christmas scenes.

Detailed designs in delicate pastel colorings. Cards

are 4-fold, size 5x6 inches, with matching envelopes.

3 N 5660-1 0 lovely designs, each one different.

Shipping weight, 10 oz. . .

. ... . .. 48c

3 N 5659-20 different designs, each with snow effect.

• 30 carefully selected designs, each different.

Traditional holiday scenes and attractive novel–

ties, all embossed (raised) to give depth and life

to each design. Lithographed in glowing colors.

Average size 4Y,x5V..-in. in popular 4-fold style

with cheery holiday greeting. Shpg. wt.. 12 oz.

Shipping weight, 1 lb..

. ................ 94c

3 N 5649-30 lovely cards with envelopes......... 48c

Quality Christmas Cards and Wrappings

Sear.s Deluxe Wrapping Assortment has everything you need

Half the fun of Christmas giving is in making your packages look


pretty and different. You can get.dozens of unusual effects with

these beautifuJly matched wrappings in Sears deluxe assortment.


sheets of


wrapping paper,


20x3JJ inches.




assorted sheets printed with colorful Christmas designs, 21 sheets of bright red,

blue and green tissue, and 20 sheets of s.nowy white tissue paper.

255 feet of ribbons and cord. 125 ft. of red, green and blue tying cord, 25 ft. each

of !4-in. cellophane in red, green and blue, 25 ft. of gaily printed Y,-in. cello–

phane, 15 ft. red and 15 ft. green %-inch crimped cotton ribbon.

195 cards, tags and seals. 60

twinkling silver stars plus.84 die-cut and embossed

gummed seals, with life-like Christmas characters and scenes; 2 "Do not open

Till Christmas" seals, 2 address labels for mailing, 25 gift tags, 15 enclosure

cards and 7 novelty folders. Shipping wt.. 2 lbs. 8 oz.

3 N 5570- Packed in an attractive Christmas box...

. . Complete $1.27

200 Tags, Seals

A grand value


in this big


assortment of

tags, seals and gift cards.

Gaily printed with jolly

Santas, chubby snow–

men, candles, bells, cun–

ning animals and bright

red poinsettias to make

your gifts look "Christ–

masy." Assorted sizes

Parcel post labels in–

cluded. Shpg. wt.. 7 oz.

3 N

5575 ...


200 pieces19c

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Service men


women will appreciate




Christmas Cords. Order early.