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Model Form Tractor

Makes clicking noise to


imitate motor. Sturdy

molded composition.


Red with black engine details.

Farmer has



work hat and bandana.

4~ -inch

balloon-type tire rear wheels

have red hub. Swivel front wheels

to turn corners; trailer hitch in

back. Pull cord. Size, 8 )12x5 Yax7

inches. Shipping weight, 2 lbs.



5471 ,.,, .......... . .$1.79

Sturdy wood pre-school Tra in

Engine and 4 blocks are


detachable. Each piece


is a different bright

color. Easy to i:ut together and

slides along without wheels. Es–

i;ecially designed to help young–

sters learn to distinguish


and teach them hand and eye co–

ordination. Train is 34 in. over–

all. Pull cord attached. Attrac–

tively painted. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.


N 3820 . , .... ... ....... $1.98

for pre-school children

Little Jasper action wood Toy

Jasi;er will soon be in


the movies. Pull toy

along and animated

chocolate brown character with

striped sweater jumps and turns

against a background of revolv–

ing trees in bright colors. 7%x



inches high. Shpg. wt., l lb.


N 5425 ....... . . . ...... $1.89

Wood roller Push Toy

I mpa r ts a beautiful


rainbow effect. Makes


pleasing click-clack

sounds when pushed along as col–

ored wood rings slide up and

down on 4 slanting bars. Sturdy

20-inch wood push handle with

knob. Shipping wt., 1 lb. 12 oz.


N 5423 ................ $1.19

Twirly Blocks action Toy

It's fascinating . . .


watch the blocks go

round. Set of 8 blocks

contains alphabet and numerals

1 to 9. When blocks are removed.

it's a cute little wagon. Teaches

tiny tots to build and spell out

words. Smooth hardwood con–

struction-lettered in attractive

colors. Size, 7x9


in. Pull cord

attached. Shpg. wt., 3 lbs.


N 3603 ... .. , ... . ......$2.39

Brightly pointed Peg Wagon

4-wheel wood cart with


six wood pegs. Educa-

tional as well as enter-



are removable

. ..

colors can be matched up. De–

velops hand and eye control. Pull

cord attached. Length, about

l OY2

in. Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 2 oz.

·49 N 3826 . .............. .$1.19