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Bright-eyed wool plush Panda

A lovable, roly-poly


pLymate whose big


glass -like eyes

. .

beg you to pick 16-in. size

him up. Bewitching button

nose, red felt tongue, fuzzy ears,

perky ribbon bow. Washing

instructions for his lu strous.

wool plush coat attachea.

Stuffed with cotton. Shpg. wts..

1 lb. 4 oz.; 2 lbs. 6 oz.; 3 lbs.

49 N 4381-16-inch size... $4.98

79 N 04382-20-inch size .. 7.98

79 N 04383-22-inch size .. 9.98

Frolicking wool plush Horse

This cunning


feilow will prance


right into your

heart ... made to snuggle.

Fluffy white yarn mane. tail.

Perky white felt ears, rolling

button eyes, jaunty bow. 2-

tone Wool plush coat; cotton

filled. 13 V.x6



in. tall.

49N4087-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.. $4.98

Cuddly wool plush Teddy Bear

Mischievous look-


ing teddy with cun-

ning face, floppy

. .

arms and legs

. . .

11-rn. size

yarn nose and mouth with

saucy red felt tongue.


red ribbon bow. Stuffed with

cotton. Covered with glossy

brown wool plush. 2 larger sizes

have turning heads. Shpg. wts.,

8 oz.; 1 lb.; 1 lb. 6 oz.

49 N 4378-11-inch size... $2.96

49 N 4379-15-inch size ... 4.93


N 4380-18-inch size ... 7.88

Sleeping eye soft Doll

Cuddlesome, soft



doll. Happy, mask-

ed face and sleeping eyes with

lashes. Has either blond or

brunette, curly yarn hair;

checked cotton Playsuit;


jumper. No choice of colors.

Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 8 oz.

49 N 3576-17-inch size... $4.88

A great big armful

for a lucky little girl

She's a buggable do!-




cunningly dressed


m sturdy cotton over-

alls, perky turban

that is tied with a big, wide bow and

sewed-on shoes.

Her winsome. blue eyes and ap–

pealing facial expression make her

look alive. She is large enough to

wear infant's size 1 clothing and

built so she is easy to dress. Her

pliant body is made for hugging ...

stuffed with soft cotton.

Your little girl will adore her fuzzy

blond plush hair and long floppy

arms and legs. Realistically painted

masked face. Shipping weight 4


79 N 03562-25-inch size........ $6.98

Convenient E-:Jsy Terms


all your

Christmas needs

.. ,


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