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With drawer for dolly's wardrobe

•Our finest doll bassinette with handy drawer


•Large size ... ideal for her favorite doll

• Light maple fi.nish ... selected smooth woods

An ideal bassinette for your dolly. It's just like the kind that

real little babies sleep in. Imagine the thrill of waking up in the

morning with your dolly in her own little bed


right beside

yours. And look at the handy drawer that pulls out of the foot

of the crib ... just the right size for dolly's nightie, bedding and

clothing. Or you can use the drawer for your own things. Has

heavy cardboard mattress. Length, 24% inches; width, 14


inches; height. 17


inches. (Poll and bedding not included.)

79 N 07917-Shipping weight, 10 pounds. Mailable ........ $2.39

Cribs for her favorite doll

Handsome Doll Bed . , . 4·poster style, (Shown below.) What little

girl wouldn't love to own this beautiful bed for her dolly? It's

designed just like the real large ones that daddy and mama sleep

in. Your child


have so much fun making a mattress and bf'd–

ding for her own doll bed. Surprise her on Christmas morning with

this roomy, handsome, 4-poster doll bed for her favorite doll ...

like the grownups use. Macie of sturdy selected hardwood with

attractive dark maple finish. Has wood slat bottom. Length.



inches; width, 10% in.; height of foot encl, 11 in.; height of

head end, 13 in. Mailable.


N 07909-Shipping weight, 4 pounds..... .

. .


LargeCradleforDolly. "This handsome

cradle will make a welcome addi–

tion to dolly's "boudoir." Sturdily

built with plywood ends and hard–


dowelled sides. Heavy card–

board mattress bottom. Blue en–

ameled. Trimmed with decals.

Length, 20 in.; width, 14 in.; height,

.14% in. Shpg. wt., 4 lbs.

79 N





Medium-sized Credle. Rock dolly to

sleep in this dandy little cradle.

FirmJy constructed with plywood

sides and ends


natural finish.

Decorative stencil design. Mason–

ite bottom. Length, 18% in.;

width, 11


in.; height of head, 9


in . Shpg. wt., 5 lbs.

79 N 07914-Mailable .....


Maple-flnish Doll Cradle.



buying a doll for a lucky little girl,

why not include this cradle, too?

l t makes a wonderful ensemble.

Built for a sn1all doll. Smooth

wood. Wood slat bottom. Length,



in.; width, 12


in.; height,



in. Shpg. wt., 2 lbs.

79 N 07910-Mailable ......