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Deluxe, 60-piece Army Doctor and Nurse Kit

This Deluxe set has everything the "young doctor and


nurse" needs to start a practice. It's bigger and better


and boys and girls will have loads of fun with it. Be-

sides a small Army Doctor Kit there's a play stetho-

scope, "X-Ray" reflector, doll stretcher, candy pills. operating apron,

cotton and gauze bandages, Army Doctor and Nurse arm bands,

appointment sheets, prescription blanks and many other medical toys.

Complete with 17x9


inch carrying case. Shpg. wt.. 2 lbs.

49 N

3855__.:DeLuxe Doctor and



... .$2.16

Toys like everything else

a1 Sears available on

Easy Terms, see page 122.

• Every little boy can be a play

doctor and every little girl a

play nurse

• They'll enjoy playing hospital

for many hours

Doctor and Nurse Kits are favorites

50-piece realistic-laaking Dactar and Nurse Kit

Little boys. can be doctors and little girls can play nurse.


Dollies or pets make excellent patients. Listen to "heart-


beats" with the tiny play stethoscope ... prescribe candy

pills. There's a play diploma in the kit and a doctor book of profes–

sional secrets for the little doctor. Besides this the kit contains a

tongue depressor. wood thermometer, absorbent cotton. play head

mirror, hospital record sheets, prescription blanks. height and weight

charts and many other items. 13x8%-in. carrying case.

49 N3854-Shipping weight,



. .... $1.00

Midgette Movie-4 shows

Easy to operate. Cranl<


handle, pictures flip in


rapid succession. 4 ani-

mal showR. Fiberboard case,

6 Y.ix2




49N6810- Shpg. wt..1



Midgette Movie Refllls. Box of 8

additional assorted subjects.

49N6811-Shpg, wt., 12 oz... 97c