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Boys! Girls!

Children's books in full color

Open the lid ond up pops the

Gingerbread Boy and his friends.


favorite stories Jn a

"?:unning Teddy Bear box.

Lik.e magic!



change before your eyes.






Your choice of

three sets, each


Happitime treasure box


books for


A happy Christmas surprise ... eighteen delightful

books in a gay pop-up box. Lift the lid of the box and

up pops a real-as-life cut-out of the little Gingerbread

Boy and his friends. Jnside the box, you'll find 18 pop–

ular children's books, size 4x7 inches, such as The Little

Red Hen, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Peter Rabbit and

many others. Every page illustrated in .bright colors;

every story in large print. Box size, 7J4x12Mi: inches.

3 N 1838...:_Shpg. wt., 1 lb. . . . ... 18 books in a box 38c


Happitime teddy bear box


books for



Watch the youngsters clap their hands when they see

this Teddy Bear box under the tree. They'll love the

chubby teddy bear on the cover (he has perky ears that

stick right out from the box) _.. and they'll like reading

their favorite fairy tales. Mother Goose stories and nurs–

ery rhymes from the fifty colorful books in the box. Each

one is different! All with large prinl. Every page is

illustrated. Book size. 4x3j.j, in. Box size, 12J.1,x8J.1, in.

3.N 1836-Shpg. wt., 1 lb. 6 oz .... SO-books in a box 38c


Happitime surprise box


books with changing pictures



Something new and definitely different! It's a surprise

box filled with eight children's books ... and by pulling

a tab, the illustrations change to make brand new pic–

tures. Tlle kiddies will have lots of fun changing the

pictures on the box and on the covers of the books as

they read the stories. Each book is illustrated in the

bright colors that children like. Book size, 7x9


inches. Box size, 7 V..xlOJ.1, inches.

_3 N 1837-Shpg. wt., 8

oz ... . .. :

.8 books in a box 38c