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Smartly decorated Mirror Design

Gleaming Mirror, hand engraved

There's one Christmas gift more wel-



come than your own photograph ... and

that's your photograph in a lovely Sears

An unusually beautiful frame that will



a treasured gift. Fine


plate glass mirror has graceful hand-

frame! This beautifully decorated plate glass frame

has an ivory colored screen background and hand–

cut pie-crust edges. Upright, easel style ... Size

overall, 10xl2 inches. Perfect for that 8xl0-inch

photograph. With stur<iy imitation leather back.

engraved floral pattern.


m"asures 12xl4 inches

overall, with SxlO-inch picture window in attrac–

tive off-center design. In upright easel style with

simulated-leather back and crystal rosette screw

tops. Appropriately lovely for wedding pictures.

3 N 65-78-Shipping weight, 2 lbs. 8 oz.

. .$1.16

3 N 6503-Shippintt weight, 4 pounds ....... $2.43

Sears picture frames are gifts to cherish


Adjustable Lucite Fram"

A graceful two-way



frame as modern as to·




comes un–

assembled; with four separate

clear Lucite pieces. plus glassine.

Fits together securely. Easy to

pack, with nothing to break. It

holds two 8xl0'inch pictures

(back to back) or any photograph

up to 8


inches wide.

3 N 6504-Shpg. wt., 14 oz. $1.82


polished oak

A handsome frame


that harmonizes with


any setting· especially

nice in a library or man's room.

Rich, natural Oak, highly pol–

ished to bring out the graceful

pattern in the fine graining of the

wood. Two-way easel type back;

glass window for an 8x10-inch

uprightor horizontal photograph.

3 N 6507-Shpg.


2 lbs.. $2.17

Colodul genuine leather

Smooth, polished


sheepskin in rich



roon, chestnut brown

or Chinese red; with fine gold

ltne trim. Two-way easel typej

holds upright or horizontal pic–

ture. Lift top to insert photo.

Shpg. wts., 5x7-inch, 1 lb; 8x10-

inch, 1 lb. 4 oz.

St11te color.

3 N6511-5x7 inch . . . .


3 N6512-SxlO inch .