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SET OF 36 PRIZE-WINNING ANIMALS. Fun for both city and country children

... playinq farmer with these authentic :eproductlons of real live prize

wlnnlnQ animals. Printed In actual colors on fine paper and mounted on

3-ply laminated wood and cardboard, these sturdy farm animals will stand

up under much handllnq and many afternoons of l!Je on an imaqinary

farm. Each on wood base. Painted by well-known artist from photoqraphs

of winners in pure breed shows; checked by leadinQ Ac;iricultural Collec;ie

for accuracy In type, conformation and colorlnQ. Brief history of breed

printed on back of each fic;iure c;ilves child knowledqe of characteristics of

familiar strains. He learns to recoqnlze different types of horses, cattle,

chickens, etc.... develops appreciation and interest. Larqe sized animals





ln set include the followlnq: Holstein Cow,




in. hlqh; Hereford, 5 by

3% In.; Aberdeen Anqus Bull, 7 by 4% in. hic;ih; Short Horn Bull,


by 4\14

in. hic;ih. Rest of animals are proportionately larqe and Include ... Guernsey

Cow and


Standard Bred Mare and Colt, Shire Horse, Shetland Pony,

American Saddle Horse; Chester White, Spotted Poland China, Duroc Jersey,

Hampshire and Yorkshire Plqs; Shropshire, Hampshire and Merino Sheep;

Anc;iora Goats, Holstein Call, Shepherd and Scotch Collie DOQs. Poultry in–

cludes Leqhorn, Plymouth Rock, Wyandotte, Rhode Island Red and other

well known chickens; Muscovy, Pekln and Rouen Ducks, Toulouse Geese,

Bronze Turkey"Gobblers and Pearl Guinea Hen.

48 T 31-Set of 36 Prize-WinnlnQ Animals. Ship. wt. 3 lbs. .. . . . .. .. . . .. $1.49



9-PIECE PLASTIC COMBAT SET. A complete miniature task force for the

younq strateqlst who knows his modern warfare. Nine-piece set includes

two jeeps 4 in. lonq with revolvinq wheels, 3 planes- \WO P-40's and one

P-39-landlnQ wheels turn and propellers revolve; one battleship, one

aircraft carrier, two carqo vessels. All are made of hard-to-break plastic.



In. lonQ with hollow hulls .. . float or stand on flat surface.

48 T 1259-9-Pc. Combat Set. Ship. wt. I lb. . .. . . . ........ .... . .. .. .$1.89

IOI 14-PIECE MINIATURE ARMY SET. For younQ soldiers to use on "windowsill


maneuvers." Includes tank, 2 jeeps, searchlic;iht truck, anti-aircraft qun

truck, plane, 2 artillery field pieces, 2 flaqpoles with flaqs ... Nicely made of

wood, painted olive drab; about 2\14 in. lonq. 4 cardboard tents.

48 T 1239-14-Pc. Army Set. ShippinQ weic;iht I lb ......... . ... . . . . . .. .95c

Wards Time Payment Plan offers convenient monthly terms. See Paqe 141.