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2 PoUNDS GLACED FRUITS. An attractive, colorful selection of the finest


fruits-pineapple, cherries, prunes and kumquats. Date rolls and assort–

ed fruit jellies. A pleasing variation in your holiday fare.

53 T 9251-ln Gift Box. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz..... . .......... $1.69


3 PoUNDS GLACED FRUIT. Center arrangement of candied pineapple and

cherry surrounded by glaced fruits- prunes, figs, kumquats and melon.

Delicious date balls and assorted fruit jellies. Made of the finest quality

pure fruits.


sa tisfying Sweet treat for

the holiday



your own

ta ble

or a s a


se lection, these fruits are a wise choice.

53 T 9252-In Gift Basket. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 12 oz. .... ... . . .... $2.39




Glaced pineapple, cherries, kumquats, prunes

a nd figs. Date balls and fruit jellies. Same fine quality as above.

53 T 9070-In Gift Box. Shipping weight I lb. 12 oz. . . . . .

. ..89c


GIFT PACK. 3-pound Box of a ssorted cookies, hard candies, candy-coated

peanuts, walnut mibs candy. Fruit jellies and glaced fruits-cherries,

prunes, kumquats. 1 jar each of olives and maraschino cherries. With its

varied contents this Snack Pack is an ideal gift choice. In mailing container.

53 T 9072-Shipping weight 4 pounds. . . . .. . . .. ........ . .

. .... $1.95


2-LB. SURPRISE TRAY. In round gift basket. Has a center of hard candies.


Assorted glaced fruits including dates, prunes, apricots and cherries.

Fruit jellies and cookies. An appealing snack treat. In mailing container.

53 T 9073-Shipping weight 2 lbs. 12 oz...... .. . .. ............. .. ..$1.75


Good Quality MIXED SALTED NUTS Crisp, fresh whole nut meats of

peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashews Brazils and tilberts.

53 T 9117-1 pound in Cellophane Bag. Ship. wt. I lb. 6 oz. . . ...... .. .. 89c


Better Quality MIXED SALTED NUTS. Selection contains fewer peanuts

than nut meats above- more almonds, pecans, cashews, filberts, Brazils.

53 T 9120-1 pound in Cellophane Bag. Ship. wt. l lb. 6 oz.... . .... . .$1.09





SAUCE. Rich batter with raisins, currants, cit·


ran, lemon peel, fruits, nuts, spices, wine. The brandy hard sauce gives

additional tang and spiciness to this Christmas dessert.

53 T 9075- 2-lb. Pudding with 6-oz Hard Sauce. Ship. wt. 3 lbs...... $1.67

53 T 9077-1-lb. Pudding with 6-oz. Hara ::,auce Ship wt. I lb. 12 oz.. 1.07


FIG AND DATE PUDDING. Rich batter forms the base of this tasty pudding


made with figs, dates, glaced fruits, nuts, spices and wine.

53 T 9079-1-pound Pudding. Ship. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz............ . . ... . . . 69c