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Crystal clear Lucite will blend and harmonize with any color scheme. Each piece distinctively styled and designed. Our finest sets, Nos. (I) and (2) are

cut !rom thick sheets of Jucite, hand finished and decorated. All other sets and pieces are molded from lighter Jucite. All lucite is lightweight yel break·

resistant. Cleans as easily as glass. One·piece construction is stra1wer than Jock· lop, where 2 pieces are cemented together. Beveled plate glass

mirrors. Pure animal or nylon bristles are not available in all sets. Fiber bristle used ls the finest available. Gilt boxed. Wards Time Payment Plan

will simplify your Christmas shopping. See Page 141. Shipped from Chicago; you pay postage only from nearest Ward Mall Order House.


THREE-PIECE LUCITE SET. Hand finished and decorated In fine qua!·


ity, heavyweight lucite. Double plain mirror, 11¥• In. long. Black

nylon bristle brush, lucite back. Lucile comb. I·piece construction.

45 T 6420T- Three·Piece Lucile Set. Ship. wt. I lb. 12 oz .... . ..... $12.50


THREE·PIECE LUCITE SET. Hand !lnished and decorated In fine quality,


Jucile. Double mirror (II in.), plain and magnifying

sides.Animal bristle brush, plain mirror back;comb.Lock·lopconstruction.

45 T6419T- Three·Piece Lucite Set. Ship. wl. I lb. 12oz. ........ .$10.00


THREE·PIECE LUCITE SET wilh engraved mirror backs. Plain mirror,

J31h In. long. Nylon bristle brush; comb. One-piece construcl!on.

45 T 6418T-Three·Piece Lucile Set. Ship. wl. I lb. 12 oz..... ... ... $6.95


GLASS PUFF JAR. Engraved mirror and lucite lid. Matches No. (3).


115 T 6421T- GlassPul!Jar. Diameter4 inches. Ship. wL I lb .. . .$1.69


THREE·PIECE LUCITE SET with engraved mirror bqcks. Plain mirror,


13-in. Fiber bristle brush, matching comb. Lock· lop construction.

45 T6416T- Three·Plece Lucite Set. Ship. wt. I lb. 12oz. .. .. . .. .. .$5.15


GLASS PUFF JAR with engraved mirror and lucite Ud. Matches 3-pc.

lucite set No. (5) above. Same quality and construction as Jar No. (4).

45 T 6417T- Glass Puff Jar. Diameter 4 inches. Ship. wt. I lb.. . ... .$1.69


LUCITE DouBLE HAND MIRROR, plain bath sides, 14¥,i in. Light pink or

blue. F'laltering to fancy dressing table. I-piece construction.

45 T 6424T- Double Hand M;rror. Stale


or blue. Ship. wt. I lb . .$4.75



THREE-PIECE SET with zebra decoration In gold, green and red on


white enameled background. Plain mirror (11


In.), animal bristle

brush and white comb. Designed especially for the younger generation.

45 T 6422T- Three·Plece Wood Set. Ship. wl. I lb. 12 oz.. . .. .. .. .. $3.25


LUCITE STANDING MIRROR. Plain and magnifying sides. One·plece con·


struction. Hinged stand designed so mirror may be used on lop of

dresser or hung on the wall. For matching puff box, see description below.

45 T 6427T-M;rror. Height 7-Ve in.; diam. 6% In. Ship. wl. I lb . ... . . .$4.75


LUCITE PUFF Box. Fits Into above mirror base or use separately.

45 T 6428T- All Lucite Puff Box. Diam. 4¥,i In. Ship.


I lb . ... . .$1.98


LUCITE DOUBLE HAND MIRROR, plain I side, reverse side magnifying.


Length 9V• in. Lock· top construction. Not so heavyweight or well fin·

!shed as more expensive hand mirrors. Harmonizes with 3-pc. set No. (5).

45 T 6423T-Luclte Double Hand Mirror. Ship. wt. I lb .. . .... . .. . . . .$1.69


LUCITE DoueLE HAND MIRROR with plain and magnifying sides, 71/4


in. long. Heavier weight, more substantial than other individual


rors. One-piece construction. Plain style suitable for both men and women.

45 T 6425T-Luclte Double Hand Mirror. Ship. wl. I lb ........ . . .. . .$5.15


LUCITE PICTURE FRAME with space for 2 pictures, one on each side. 4¥4

in. high by 5V4 in. wide. Will blend nicely with lucite sets shown.

45 T 6429T-Luclte Picture Frame. Ship.


I lb. Each $1.19; Pair $2.25




INFANTS' Two-PIECE Luc1TE SETS. Plain combs, brushes with

~ ~

pure soft goat's hair bristles. Boys' brush, military style, 3

inches Jong. Girls' brush, with handle, 6 in. long. Ship. w t. ea. I lb.

(13) 45 T 6430T- Baby Boys' Two-Piece Comb and Brush Set. ... . ... $2.98

(14) 45 T 6431 T- Baby Girls' Two-Piece Comb and Brush Set. . .... . . 2.98



THREE·Pc. SET. Plastic frame, pastel colored center design-light blue


border around flowers on white background. Plain mirror (13V< in.);

fiber bristle brush, comb. Material, though similar to luclte, is not so clear.


. l lb.12oz ........ . ... $2.98