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TEACH-A-TOT Tovs are Hnest quality educational ·Playthings.



made of the best hardwoods and bu!ll by expert wood

craftsmen . .. corners rounded, triple sprayed with harmless

pastel color enamels, hand-sanded and rubbed toa smooth finish.

Harmonizing colors


non-tiring to child's eyes. Teach-a-Tot


TEL·A·TOT. Little wood phone with moving dial. Teaches child to use

telephone ... encourages talking and provides opportunity for Imagi–

native play. Also serves as a savings bank with slot in 53/4 by 3-in.


43 T 477-Forchlld up to4 years. Ship. wt. I lb. 8oz. Boxed.. ...... .... $2.29


BLOX CARS. Either pull toy shown above can be made with set. Includes

3 platforms with removable blocks, threaded wheels and axles easily

unscrewed, and pull cord. Develops skill with hands. Length overall I6 in.

48 T 484-For child I lo 5


old. Ship. wt. I lb. 8 oz. Boxed . ... ..... $2.89


PLAv-A-WEtGH. Peg b9ard with removable pegs can be used separately


to teach eye and hand coordinat!pn ... or with base as a balancing

scale to show principles of size'and weight relationship. Length overall JO-in.

48 T 479-Forchlld 18 months to5 years. Ship. wt. 2 !bs. Boxed . .. . .. $2.59


LETTER BLox. Teaches child to form all the alphabet letters from 19 basic


parts ... curves, angles and straight pieces. forms letters 6 In. tall.

Primer shows how to spell 200 words and make 20 designs.

48 T 480-for child 2 to 6 years old. Ship. wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz. Boxed......... $3.29

Toys are designed to provide absorbing pastime while contri–

buting to physical and mental growth. They meet needs of dlf·

ferent stages of growth and !requently one toy serves several

stages; for example, baby may use Play-A-Weigh as simple

peg board, but later gets the idea of the scale.


NuT-N-BoLT. 4 washers to stack and 2 nuts to screw on threaded wood


bolt 8 in. long. Helps teach


and hand to work together ... devel·

ops skill required to screw nuts nd stack washers in proper order.

48 T 478-Forchild 18 months to31h


Ship. wt. 2 lbs. Boxed ...... $2.29


TrME·A-Roo. Toy clock with movable hands famillarizes child with


real clock; helps teach him to tell time. Also a bank with slot in cap.

48 T 483-Ht. 6 in. For child l to 4


old. Ship. wt. I lb. Boxed.. ..... $1.59


MAK·A·BOAT. Boat building set .. . develops imagination and sklll wi!h


hands. 11-ln. hull, dowels and all pieces to build almost any boat .• .

ferry, Ste mer. aircraft carrier, etc. 18 models illustrated in box cover.

48 T 476-For children 3 years and up. Ship. wt. 3 lbs. Boxed. . ...... .. $3.29


MAK·A-Tov. Either pull toy shown above can


made with this set.

Includes 9V4x3V4·in. car plotlorm, threaded wheels nd axles easily

unscrewed, disks, blocks and pull cord. Develops imagination and encour·

ages constructive effort. for child 2 to 4 years old. (

48T481-Shlp.wt.2 lbs.8oz. Boxed....... $2.23