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LAMB ROCKABABE. Larqe, roomy wood rockababe. Well built; carefully

finished. Reverse-curved rockers prevent rocklnq tao' far forward or

back. Built wide to prevent tipplnq. Enclosed footrest affords more protec–

Uon for toes; keeps oU drafts. Built-In toy tray, sloping backrest 12 x 6tf2 in.

high. Painted white. 31 In. long. 233/4 In. high. Exclusive Ward design.

48 T 2806M-Shipped assembled. Ship. wt. 13 lb 8 oz.



PIGGY BACK ROCKABABB. Well-made wood rockababe. Carefully finished

... all edc;ies sanded smooth. Built low and wide to prevent tipping.

Rockers reverse-curved to prevent rocking too far forward or back. Wood

footrest protects feet. Handgrip Is sturdy round dowel. Com!ortable sloping

backrest 11 x 53/4 In. hlqh. Painted white. Exclusive Ward desic;in.

48 X 2805M-Shl.pped assembled. 27 In. lonq. Ht. J5tf2 In. Wt. 9 lbs . .$8.25


ROCKING HORSE. Well constructed hardwood rocking horse. Smoothly

finished; natural varnish. Front of rockers built to form footres<. Sturdy

handgr!p formed by dowel in head. Backrest, 6

by 33/4 in. hlqh, prevents

slipping o!f. 30V4 In. lonc;i. 21 In. high. Stenciled peasant decorations.

48 T 2807M-Shipped semi-assembled. Ship. wt. 8 lbs.. . . . . . . . . . $4.95


LARGE ROCKING HORSE. Hardwood with natural finish Safety features

Include reverse-curved rockers to prevent rocking too far forward or

back, movable wood reins that adjust ta motion of horse and form safety

handgrip .. . strong web straps on stirrups to Insure safety In mounting

Length of straps easily adjusted. Red Imitation leather saddle. 433/4 In.

long; 31 In. high. Seat 203/4 In. from floor. Exclusive Ward design.

48 T 2803R-Shipped assembled.

Not Mailable.

Ship. wt. 26 lbs.



BLACKIE THE STICK Ho11sE. Attractive black


horse's head on varnished wood stick. Small

wheel at rear end of stick. Imitation leather

reins; bright red block of wood for saddle.

Smoothly sanded and well finished. 40 Inches

Jonc;i overall. Shipped fully assembled.


TOT'S BENCH. Sm ll wood bench of many


uses . .. child c n use s chair or stepstool to

help himself cllmb Into hiqhchaJr or see out of

window. Well built. Carryinc;i holes In hand–

rubbed, maple finish top. Qu int antiqued edges.

Shipped t ken apart. Easily assembled.


PLATFORM ROCKER HORSE. Rocking horse with

seat 43,4 In. from floor ... low enouc;ih for

creeping baby to get on and off easily. Support–

ing backrest c;ilves feeling of security. Sturdy

construction. Smoothly sanded wood, finished In

clear varnish. 2Jl/2 in. long. 13V2 In. hic;ih.

48 T 2756M-Shlp. wt. I lb. 12 oz. .


48 T 40-12V2 In. long. Ship. wt. 3 lbs.. . . $1.75

48 X 2811 M-Shlpped assembled. Wt. 7 lbs. $3.29