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EFFANBEE ... maker o! the world's l!nest dolls ... has created this cunninq Brother and Sister Doll


to del!qht the

hean of any child. They're featherwelqht and perfectly sized for even the tiniest tot. Little Sister Is a chubby mite

... 12 Inches tall ... weiqhs only 7 ounces! Brother Is 16 Inches tall ... wefqhs only 12 ounces! They're "cuddly"–

bodies, leqs and arms of bath dolls are stuffed with soft cotton. Hands and heads


made of the finest


composition. Hands have tiny separate lingers. Heads turn. Eyes and lashes


carefully painted by hand. Rinqlet

wlqs of soft wool, rayon and Mohair yarn securely sewed to cloth foundation. Both dolls are beautifully dressed.

Their clothes are made as well as a child's. Little Sister wears a Pink cotton broadcloth dress with tiny ruffled collar

and cuffs. Dress buuons in back. Matchfnq panties. Brother Is dressed in a Blue cotton broadcloth overall and

checked blouse. Both wear White socks and White shoes. Be sure to read "Facts about Dolls" 0 n Paqe 72. Make

your Christmas shoppinq easy ... build your order to $10 an::! use your Credit. For details,


Page 141.

48 TIS-Brother and Sister Doll Set In Box. Shippinq weiqht 3 pounds.................. . .... . .............. $7.25