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TRACTOR-HAYRAKE-CART COMBINATION. Just right for youthful would-be farmers. Farm

tractor with hayrake that can


detached and cart lo attach in its place. Rake revolves as

toy is pulled along. All wood; nicely sanded and finished in fine quality enamel.

48 T 1246-Lengths: Tractor JO in.; Rake 9V4 in. Cart 12V2 in.; ShJp. wt. 3 lbs .............$2.98


27V2-h<. TRUCK AND TRAILER. Over 2 feet long! Designed like heavy duty, underslung

trucks seen on highways. Trailer can be detached and other toys hooked on. Cab and

gas tank easily removed from truck; trailer stakes are removable. Dual wheels 'on truck;

t:rndem wheels on trailer. All wood, well made and carefully iinished in red; blue and y£ilow.

48 T 1245-27V2 inches long overall. Shipping weight 4 pounds .................. . ....$3.39


Two-WHEEL CART. Handsome, long-handled wood cart for pulling or pushing dolls and

other toys. Strong, 5-ply plywood body finished inside in bright red ... outside in natural



9 by l4V2 in. Solid wood wheels, 7 in. in diameter.


well made and care–

fully finished. This cart snould not be permitted to become w tersoaked.

48 T l849M-Handle 25 inches Jong. Shippin:;r weight 9 pounds 8 ounces.... . ......... $3.95


Wooo WHEELBARROW. Strong, well-made child's wheelbarrow for wheeling sand, giving

litUe sister a ride or lending a h nd in the garden. Mode of heavy 5-ply plywood. Beaull–

fully finished: red inside, natural v rnish outside. Body 12 by 15 in. Plywood wheel 7-in. in

diameter. This wheelbarrow should not be permJtted to become watersooked.

48 T 1850M-Length overall 381/4 inches. Shipping weight 13 lbs .............. . ...... $4.69


BABY'S Wooo WAGON. Nicely made wood pull W':lgon for small child ... just right for

carrying dolls, blocks and other toys. Finished with red enamel inside; natural varnish

on outside, with star decorations. Soft cotton pull rope with round wood dowel handle.

48 T 1676-12V2 in. long. 8'Va in. wide. Shipping weight 3 pounds .....................$2.29


Woon HELICOPTER PULL ToY. Propeller whirls round as this litfle plane of the future is pulled

along the


Carefully made pull toy with novel movement that wifl delight small tots.

Hardwood body. Satin smooth lacquer finish . Propeller blades removable. Pull cord.

48 T 652-About 11 in. long. 43A in. high. Shipping weigh! 12 ounces .. . ................ $1.33