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Send the season's greetings with Sears exclusive Christmas Cards

With name printed

• 10 lovely designs, 5 cards of each

• Clever cards in attractive colors

•Size, 47:1'xS in.; popular 4-fold style

• With or without your name printed

Colorful Christmas folders ... with or without name

Remember each of your friends this holiday season with an attractive

Christmas card. These cleverly designed cards will appeal to everyone

on your Christmas list. Each one carries a joyous holiday greeting from

you ... a special wish that is as warm and friendly as a Yule fire. Assort–

ment includes five cards each of ten completely different designs, all beau–

tifully printed with happy Christmas scenes in gay colors. You're sure to

like this grand group of SO cards with SO


envelopes. An out–

standing selec.tion, sold only by Sears. Shipping weight, each box, 1 lb.

3 NR 5744-SO cards with name, SO envelopes .................. 87c

3 N 5650 -SO cards without name, SO envelopes ............... 66c

• 5 exclusive designs; 5 cards of each design

•Your choice ... plain or with your name

• Embossed for even greater loveliness

• 4-fold French style; size, 4



With name printed

Your choice •.. 2 Christmas card assortments

Traditional cards to say "Happy Holi–

days-194S." Made in 4-fold style

with beautifully embossed designs in

rich holiday colors; harmonizing

sketches and warm greeting printed

inside each folder. Assortment in–

cludes 2S cards (S different designs)

with 2S envelopes. Shpg. wt., 12 oz.

3 NR 5726- 2S cards with name . .96c

3 N5647-2S cards-without name .68c

Religious Christmas cards that portray

the true meaning of Christmas. Ev–

eryone will appreciate the beauty and

significance of the inspiring Biblical

scenes. Printed in soft colors with

greeting inside. Assortment includes

five different designs (S of each one),

2S envelopes. Shpg. wt., 12 oz.

3 NR


cards with name .. 96c

3 N 5643-2S cards without name.68c


8 ..






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