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Windproof cigarette $100

lighter made by

Lighter for his desk

Beautiful desk or ta- $279

ble lighter with gen-


Thorens Swiss-made $489

pocket lighter. Just

Dunhill. Especially


designed with a shield to pro–

tcc t the flame from wind.

Fluid-type lighter with large

fuel capacity. Metal case,

2}-t-inches long. Send it as a

gift to your servicemen-it's

lightweight and easy to mail.

8 N 9895-l'ostpaid... $1.00

uine Italian marble


base - felt covered bottom.

Stands abt. 4 in. high. Fluid–

type lighter with large, strong

flame. Chromium plated cap

on top. He'll be proud to

have such a handsome lighter.

Shipping weight, 12 ounces.

push a button on the


front to light it. Gleaming

chromium plated finish. Fluid–

type lighter. The perfect gift

for anyone who smokes. It's

small, efficient, automatic and

attractive. Size, abt. ly.'x2.l{

in. Shpg. wt:, 4 oz.

8 N 9689 .. . ...... . .. $2.79

8 N 9896 .... .. .. . ... $4.89

Lights in the wind; finish stay.s bright, new looking

Here's a useful gift that all cigarette and pipe' smokers will


happy to find among their presents under the tree. Give

your friends this attractive streamlinedlighter that




• Windproof . . . Guaranteed to give a good

light and hold its flame, even in a stt'ong wind.

• Brown crackle finished case. Rich-looking and

smart, yet practical. Finish stays on--.:annot


•Well Constructed .. . As durably made as

lighters selling for much more; high quality

flint wheel gives long wear. Extra large fluid


• Easy to Operate ... Just flip up tbe lid and

flick the wheel; it's sure to light every time.

• Convenient in Size ... About




Doesn't bulge in your pocket or purse. A

welcome gift for servicemen and women.

Give this smart, streamlined brown crackle

finished lighter to all the smokers on your

Christmas list-they'll be more than pleased.

We don't belieye you can find a lighter that

gives greater satisfaction.

Solves your gift problem to servicemen,

too. They'll

because it's so sturdy

and serviceable ... compact and efficient.

Add it to their Christmas boxes with no

worries about extra weight. Its low price

will amaze you.

This lighter is equal in beauty, service and

construction to many lighters selling for much

more. Shipping weight, 8 ounces.

8 N 9722 . ... . . . ........... . ... . .. $1.29
































Handsome Cigarette Cases


Deluxe leather Cigarette Case. Made of brown

split cowhide leather. Flat case that holds 20

regular size cigarettes. Has insert for pictures on

.each side. Size closed, 3Y,x4


inches. An appro–

priate gift for any cigarette smoker on your list.

8 N 9975-Shipping weight, 4 ounces ...Each



Vuedex Cigarette Case. Fine gift for anyone

who smokes. Two-tone plastic case in assorted

colors. Holds 20 regular size cigarettes. Opens at



won't sift out into purse or pocket.

Flat case is easy to hanale. Size, 37'x2Ji in.

8 N 9882-Shipping weight, 4 ounces ..Each





Case. Made of beautiful gen-

uine tan pigskin leather. Holds 20 regular size

cigarettes-helps keep them from crushing. Handy

flap closing. Size closed, 3y.'x47' in.

8 N 9979-Shipping weight, 4 ounces..Each







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