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For sewing convenience

Priscilla style Sewing Cabinet. De–

luxe, low-style cabinet that is ideal

for keeping all her sewing needs at

hand . . . in one place and in order.

Can be moved from room to room

easily. Has double spool tray, strong

hinged lids. Stained plywood.

Length, 12 in.; height, 12 in.; width,

9X in.

Please state finish:

walnut or

light maple. Shipping weight, 5 lbs.

Folding Wood Spool Rack


It will be easy to locate any thread

Travelers' Sewing Kits

Needle Threader on Card


Just imagine a useful needle

color at a glance if you keep your

complete supply on this handy folding

wood spool rack. No need .to search

through an untidy sewing box because

this rack keeps all your thread at your

fingertips. Holds spools securely when

closed. 21 pegs. Natural color decal

trimmed wood. Thread ahown not in–

cluded. Size, 9Y,x7 in. Shpg. wt., 1 lb.


Transparent Plastic Kit. 140 yds. as-

sorted hosiery shades and staple

colors cotton thread. Twelve 10-yd.

spools mere. thread, needle, thimble.

threader mounted on an attrac–

tive Christmas. card to send to your

friends. It's a novel idea. Card is

printed with an appropriate verse.

Plastic handle on threader comes in

assorted colors ... directions for

using included. Card and threader

comes in mailing envelope. Ship–

ping weight, each, 1 ounce.



., 2 oz.Each



ledther Kit. Pin cushion, 2 needles,

thimble, scissors, 10 spools colored

mere. thread, 7 spools hosiery thread.

State color:

black, brown, tan.

25 N 05262 . . . . . . ..Each



N5266 ,. .. . . . . . ..... Each


25N5255-Wt.,12oz .. Each


25N5263-Each . 15c




Ornamented Combs are top fashion

Prices of hair ornaments below include 20% Federal Excise Tax

She'll look ever so stylish and lovely with an exquisite jeweled orna–

ment in her hair ... so make her Christmas long remembered with a flat–

tering ornamental comb or barrette. Designed to wear with any hairdo.


Charm Note. 6 gold color squares, mul–

ticolor centers. 3-in. plastic comb.


N 9691E-Shpg. wt., 3 oz .. Each



Fashion-Perfect. Large, lustrous white

imitation pearls, 3-in. plastic comb.

25 N 9660E-Shpg. wt., 2 oz . .Each



Unusually Pretty. Double row·of spark-

ling silver color beads on plastic comb.

25 N 9693E-BackComb.3Y, in.

Wt., ea., 4 oz.... Each $1.18; Pair




N 9694E-Tuck Combs.


, in.

wide. Shpg. wt., pair, 3 oz .. Pair



Curl Catcher Barrette. 5 imitation pearls

on 2-inch plastic barrette.


N 9689E-Shpg. wt., 3 oz .. Each



Glamour Galore. 11 lustrous imitation

pearls on lovely daisy design 6-inch plas–

tic barrette. Teeth hold hair securely.


N 9690E-Shpg. wt., 4 oz.Each



Flattering Twist to a favorite .. • exqui-

site and feminine for gala or everyday

occasions. 2 twisted strands of imitation

white pearls, 3};;1-in. plastic comb.

25 N 9692E-Shpg. wt., 4 oz. Each























New Electro-static Cleaner

• Amazing brush that works magic without.bristles

• No current, no battery, no cords necess

• Removes dirt and lint by magnetic attr


• Will not scatter or raise accumulated dust

The magic new cleaner, "Brush without Bristles,"

performs miracles on suits, coats, felt hats, furniture,

car upholstery. You'll be amazed at the way this

electro-static brush whisks away all dust, hairs, lint.



Just brush gently in quick sideway strokes ... grooved surface


removes all accumulated dirt by magnetic attraction.

No batteries, current or cord required, no bristles to wear out or

to raise dust. Cleans loose surface dirt from carpets, blankets,

mattresses. · Good-looking, durable black pyroxoloid (plastic).

Brush for removing dirt from cleaner included.


N 3844-Size, 8x2Y, inches. Shpg. wt., 1? oz.Each $1.69