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Machinists' Cliest

Open top style. Good quality ... priced $1J95

low. Size, 20x9xl2M inches. Ideal for

general machinists; tool and die makers. . Heavy

duty, all-steel construction. Moisture-resistant.

Roomy, felt-lined .corn1)artment under top. 2 large

and 5 small all-steel drawers slide easily; relt-lined to

protect precision tools. When open, front locking

panel slides under bottom drawer. Reinforcing cor–

ner irons. Built-in tumbler lock ,vi th key. Strong

handle. Machinery gray finish.

99 N 06522-Shipping weight, 29 lbs.... $13.95


Hardwood Chest

Open top style. Professional quality. $2150



inches. Ruggedly

built of fine-grained, thorol\ghly seasoned hardwood.

Hand-rubbed, lacquered finish ... like fine furni–

ture ...

a grand gift!

Locked corner joints.


felt-lined top compartment. Two large and five

small drawers; felt-lined to protect tools; easy-sliding.

Front panel slides under bottom drawer. Chest rein–

forced with lleavy corner irons. Strong lock, with

key. Strong leather handle. Mirror in cover.

99 N 06535-Shipping weight, 24 lbs. . . $21.50

i< • "'



Tool Boxes .•. 1946 designs and features

We have spared no expense to make these America's No. 1 line of tool

boxes. New, exclusive features. Outstanding appearance. Every


tool box has these



Streamlined ... attractive

finish ... a box you will be proud to own.


Full length piano

hinges for strength; no troublesome catches to break or bother with.


Handle attaches to ends of box; open box can be easily carried by

the handle


job to job; open top serves as auxiliary "tote" tray

• , • tools can be spread for quick availability.


Separate divided

"tote" trays keep small tools in order ... easy to find.



from heavy gauge steel, with welded ends. Available ofter Nov. 15.

0Size,19Y2x6 l4x6 inches.Large enough

to hold 50 to 75 socket wrench parts,

or other hand tools. "Tote'' tray includes

long socket tray. Fitted with strong hasp

for padlock. Shpg. wt., 10 lbs.

9 N

6500 ...

.. ........

Each $3.98


Size, 19Y2x7x7 inches. A larger size, tool

box that will hold 75 to 100 socket wrench

parts, and other hand tools. "Tote" tray in–

cludes three socket trays. Has cylinder lock,

two keys. Shpg. wt., 15 lbs.

9 N 6501 ........... : ........ Each



99 N 06502-Size, 19Y2x8Y2x9!/2 in. Large. 3socket trays in

"tote" tray. Cylinder lock, 2 keys. Shpg. wt., 17 lbs ...


99 N 06503- Size, 19\/2xl Oxl 2\/2 inches. Extra large. (Not

shown.) Socket trays not included. Shpg. wt., 22 lbs . .....