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New beauties! Compacts


Cigarette Cases

With an eye to beauty and a word to the wise we suggest a compact or ciga:

rette case-a gift always liked. These are smartly styled, advanced-in-design.

Choose one in gleaming gold color metal or handsomely colored plastic.

Cigarette Cases


Genuine Lucite Cigarette Case-a

crystal clear Iittle show-case for cigar–

ettes-a convenient lightweight size to

carry in a purse. Made of one of the

finest of plastics, Lucite-scratch-re–

sistant, doesn't warp. Holds 20 regular

size cigarettes. Size: 3



4 N471 o- Shipping weight, 5 oz....$1.89


Cigarette Case styled by Elgin Amer-

ican. A gift of distinction for one who

carries cigarettes. The gleaming gold

color metal case has a beautifully exe–

cuted design. Alternating squares of satin

and polished finish on front, satin-finished

back. Holds 10


or 9 king size

cigarettes. Size:



t4 N471 JY-Shipping weight, 5 oz..$5.50

Pretty Barrettes

All-metal compacts


Elgin American ·


Round compact decorated with delicately col-·

ored flower garden bouquet. Background is

lustrous black enamel. All-metal case has full

round ·mirror. Sifter style with soft puff.

4 N471.1-3-inch diameter. Shpg. wt., 5 oz. $2.89


Smart square compact has a shimmering jew-

el-like look. Polished and satin-finish squares

arc combined on gold color metal case. Harmo–

nizes with (B). Sifter style·with soft puff.

t4 N4712Y-2Y. in. square. Shpg. wt., 5oz..



Graceful fon shape compact. Rich trimming

oflustrous sterling in bowknot inlay-design on

satin-smooth gold color all-metal case. Has

hinged inner metal cover which keeps the powder

from spilling. Large clear mirror. Soft puff.



x2Y. inches. Shpg. wt., 5 oz.$8.50

Colorful Compacts of plastic


Colorful compact in popular jumbo size. A gift she'll

appreciate yet costs so little. Sifter style, soft puff.

Plastic ca<e in gay red or blue.

State color.

4 N4702-4.)4-inch diameter. Shpg.


5 oz........98c


Giant flapjack compact in mock tortoise shell. Made

of genuine Lucite, fine quality plastic. Large clear

mirror. Holds large quantity of powder, sifter s\yle.


4 N4709- 5-inch diameter. Shpg. wt., 5 oz.......$1.98


Glamour Girl-a truly luxurious compact. Case de-

sign is dramatically different, large and rich in color

---dark amber tortoise shell or lustrous ebony black.

Made of Lucite, the aristocrat of plastics that is scratch

resistant, retains its. high sheen. Big clear mirror. Sifter

style with soft luff. Tight inner rim keeps powder from

seeping. Meta fastener. 4


inches square.

4 N


amber or black. Shpg. wt., 5 oz....$2.89

Classic Indian-design Jewelry in rich coin silver


Brightly polished silver plated

barrette. Personalized with

initials or name if desired. Add

Sc per letter for hand engraving.

Print engraving.

Shpg. wt., 4 oz.

Rich coin silver jewelry: ornamented with Indian good luck symbols. Some pieces set with turquoise matrix stones,

varying from blue to green with natural brown streaks. Bracelets and rings adjustable in size. (L) for smaller wrists.

Earrings have screw backs. Shipping wts., bracelets, 6 oz.; rings, 5 oz.; earrings, 3 oz. Gift boxed.

4 NR 4805E-1 y(inches. Plain 59c


Bracelet with raindrop design.


Sunray design, symbol of








4 N4568E.. . ..........•$2.38

stancy. Bracelet has turqumse

All pieces set with large turquoise


Bracelet, Zuni arrow design.

stone. ·Earrings, ring are all silver.

matrix stones. facpertly crafted.


Simulated pearl barrette. Met-

4 N4551 E..............$2.35

4 N4930ME-All silver ring.... $1.18

4 N4932ME-Matching ring ..... $2.78

al back. .S.bpg. wt., 4 oz.


Guard bracelet in la8so design.

4 N4018Me-AII silver earrings.. $1.49

4 N




4 N481 OE-1


inches ..... $1.18

4 N4552E.... . ........ $2.78

4 N4569ME-Stone-set bracelet.. 4.75

t4N4557MEY-W1de bracelet..... 11.50

NOTE: All items on this page marked


·se11t from·Chicago or Philadelphia only. Order, pay postage from nearest Sears mail order


Prices for (E),


(K), (L), (M), (N), (P), (R) include



fxci1e Tax